Key reasons behind investment in nifty futures:

Less margins: Margin is the amount which you have to maintain in your account by any means.Margin amount for nifty future is eight percent . Therefore with less capital also trading can be done here.For other market margin is somewhat near to 12 percent.

Highly liquid options: By liquid we means assets who can be converted in to monetary value at immediate basis.Therefore it is quite easy to decide trading calls for this by studying Out Of Money, In The Money strike price only.

Lower spreads: Spread is the difference in price which is quoted by a seller and a buyer.Lower the value of spread better the trading experience will be.As nifty futures are popularly traded the bid-ask difference is better.As the process quoted by seller and buyer will not vary to large extent it will be beneficial for both the parties to trade in an efficient manner.

Well diversified: Nifty fifty is a diversified index. By diversified we mean that not restricted to few companies or sectors . It comprises of fifty companies which belongs to different sectors.Diversification leads to effective management of risk involved in the performance of stocks. And therefore because of its diversified nature it is less risky to invest here.