JustBeenPaid VS BuxJunction

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I have noticed that the just been paid jss tripler and buxjunction are the two longest lasting sites. i guess it is because each has its own specialties actually. what i am trying to determine is which one would be the best. this is what i have come up with so far:


both are sustainable in its own ways. justbeenpaid uses a "reset" feature plus a matrix to keep profiting and allow them to keep on paying. buxjunction also uses investments from users, however, they also have an advertising feature. they generate revenue in two ways to allow them to pay out its members. since they are not promising a huge payout each time as they can control how much to pay out, they will keep their funds at a sufficient level.


for both, the minimum upgrading is $10.


justbeenpaid, especially the jss tripler pays a fixed rate of 2% for 75 days so you know what you will be getting. in other words, the more you invest, the more you earn.

buxjunction works slightly differently where you click ads to increase your account balance, which will qualify you to earn more as you will be able to take a bigger share from the total pot.

payment processor:

just been paid supports liberty reserve, alertpay, solid trust pay, and perfect money.

buxjunction only has alertpay for upgrading and both alertpay and paypal for advertising.

so which is better paying?

this is really hard to determine as i find that for both, the higher the investment, the higher the earnings. i guess it is more if you like receiving a fixed amount or a variable amount. i have used both and so far i cannot make up my mind as to which is better and which is more profitable.
Hmmm, that's a prettycool observation from you. I have not used any of these program till date. But from your comparism, I can readily determine which one to chose first.
Iin my opinion, the both are good doing perfectly well but I will prefer JSS to BJ. The reason is because of time factor. Look at it this way; you can just invest in JSS and go on a vacation where maybe you are not with the chance to go online then on your return, your earnings will be intact. In the caceppse of BJ your earnings will be affected
Another reason why I will chose JSS is that they give one more freedom when it comes to payment solution. You will agree with me that an investor without AP can not benefit from JB. So JSS should be the first choice.
I still go with the cycler like JSS rather than buxjunction. Because there is no gurantee to earn money like JSS in my opinion. JSS worked for me so going to stick with that. It also gets you 1 or 2 positions free if you're in level 1.
by the way, i have also noticed that the alexa rankings for justbeenpaid is much higher than buxjunction. this would show that the jss has more members and has higher traffic than buxjunction. this means that jbp is probably more popular.
absolutely, JBP has no serious competition with bux junction. jbp is way more profitable and exciting, many many members are earning decent income with jbp...

also now they give $10 free for new members to try and understand the system, then they can invest more...

jbp is growing nicely too, almost 5000 new members joining daily....


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i may try out jusbeenpaid.

i have heard about both sites, but yet to try out either of them.


it is good to know JBP pays $10 to newbie members. if you are right, then i will receive free $10 hopefully.
Just been Paid or JSS Tripler has one of the best to invest and get paid HYIP site i am also tried it and get some payments from it. second the buxjunction i am not used it so i don't know about it.
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