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Am not the Admin,
Well, this hyip has run for 44 days to date. I joined on the 40th day and had got my profit for the 2 days plan. Anyway, the issue now is that i can't access the site, anyone who could visit the site should let known here. Beside, the minimum invest is $5, the plan 1 is 106% after 2 days and 120% after 5 days. I got $0.30 after 2 days from the 2 days plan, today i suppose to withdraw again, but can't access the site. The link to GP Site link


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I can access the site, however, for a short term program like this, I guess 44 days is already a great record for it... Anyway, it's good to see it's still online, but I do not advise you to reinvest.


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Finally, am able to access the site, but my account not credited yet. I checked the rate page though and it shows Paying. Well, it seems like, i will take everything as i got my account credit.
I can access the website, it has SSL... But, RoI offered is too high and also the statistic is not ratioanal..
Program Statistics
Started Nov 23, 2010
Running days 45
Total accounts 861
Total deposited $ 435,402.66
Total withdraw $ 131,325.92
Visitors online 65
Members online 12
Last update Jan 7, 2011
The SSL doesn't sound familiar for me. The program can't stay longer I guess, it's too old now and the site offers so high ROI in only days. But the site doesn't look bad since it's well-modified. However I have no confidence to take the risk here.
This program stats looks comfortable and i hope it last longer for investors who haven't reach bep,since most of us have start losing hope in this hyip,always coming online and going offline.


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This is a high return hyip and if one should invest you need to do that when the program is still new. But now i fear this program has been online for some good time now.


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You guys should not think otherwise about this hyip, because it has even last more as expected. Now, it's obvious they are getting towards the time to close down the site. Good that i left after i got some cents there. I don't really know about the above link, that the site is not paying, because it still shows PAYING stats at GP.