Instant Traffic Strategies

Instant Traffic Strategies:

1. Social media marketing - especially Twitter. Join groups, be an active part of discussion, etc.
2. PPC + other advertising - SMM aside, if you want instant traffic, you need to shell out bucks.

Long-term Traffic Strategies:

1. SEO.
2. Content syndication.
3. Guest blogging/posting.
4. Article (directory) marketing.
5. YouTube.
6. Slideshare.
7. Document sharing websites.
8. Blogs created whose sole purpose is to promote another.

Returning Traffic Strategies:

1. Build a list.
2. Give 'em a reason to come back. That means crazy awesome, gob-smacking Superman content.

The biggest thing with traffic however, is recycling it. Making it stick. There are only so many people out there - once they visit your site for the first time, they should come again. And again. And again. Until every single red cent in their wallet has been sucked out and sits in your back account (just kidding! ). :)
submit it to all or most of the search engines. look up search engine submittal here or at the "g" place.

Do not under any circum stance buy into one of those 1,00.000 free hits to your web site, as they are a scam...

Start to trade links mwith other like minded web sites as your's.
The more links you have the higher the possiblity of getting better web site ratings from search engines.

Watch out for scam marketing poly's also because it is unfortunate, but there are alot of predatory jerks and scams out there.
Social websites are also good options for getting instant traffic, especially Twitter. Sharing your post on social media is now a days most popular marketing technique.
Even, forum posting and other social media commenting can improve real traffic to your blog or page. Also share your blog with other website, use little SEO trick to get traffic for your blog.