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Let's discuss the INSOLT LTD. Company works from Nov 2015.

Insolt Ltd.Company was founded by Javier Perez in 2015. The Company's main goal is redistribution of investment funds between reliable directions of investment. The Company invests in four fields at the moment: Startups, Stock Market, CFD (Forex and metal trading), Real Estate.

Insolt Ltd. is the company registered in UK in 2015 under the registration no. 09727259. The Company’s registered address is: Suite 1, 5 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1DG.
Investments Offers

CFD instruments trading
This type of investment offers investors a choice among two traders. Profits varies, depending on the success of the trade and the duration of investment. The longer the investment term, the lower the commission of the company. Minimum investment is $100. Withdraw is possible on a weekly basis, but the minimum amount is $5.

Stock market trading
A plan for large investors. Profits varies, the company commission is lower then for CDFs, but terms a longer too. Minimum investment is $500. Withdraw is possible on a weekly basis.

It is the most low-yield type of investment, but over time, their yield is likely to grow. Key difference from other plans is the possibility of selling its shares at any time, but the rate of the share may fall. Minimum investment is about $20.

Trading Tools to work with startups: you can buy a share in a new startups, payment of interest will start in one month after the start of the project. But you can also buy on the stock exchange shares in the already active projects. Interest is paid on them already.

Company shares [new: 13 July, 2016]
Owner shares will receive a monthly income of 14.5% of the value of its shares. All owners of shares receive lifelong dividends from the company. Minimum investment is $50.


What do you thing guys? How long will it work?