I'm providing 0.5% weekly on Crypto and Perfect Money.

Hi, I'm tsaroz.
I'm into cryptocoin trading and make a good profit.
But liquidity always have restricted my profits. So, I've decided to get some loans to speed up my trades.
0.5% weekly seem to be less for some but it's not a HYIP but a long term business plan.

Here's the deal
1. You send me money and provide your address and I'll send you 0.5% weekly on the payment processor you want.
2. If you want to take back your principal, you should ask and you'll have it funded back within 30 days.
3. If I decided to close the deal from my side, I can do that by notifying you and paying a 120% of your principal at once.

How can I trust you?
I may be new to this community but I'm a Legendary member in the bitcointalk forum where my earning at current time are equivalent to $800 per week. I'd have asked for a loan there but they have a tougher rules and Perfect Money loans are not entertained there. You can verify with me in the bitcointalk forum.
I'm a trader and has a daily trading of over $3000 a day on various exchanges.

I would take any small investment starting from $10 to gain some trust from the members but I'd prefer larger amounts.