Iam confused.HYIP!!!

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Guy, i saw this site in GP monitor (safe-eaning.com) i registered and invested cos they are new. I invested in the plan 1 that last for 5days. Could you guys believe since Dec 26 2009 i requested a payment, they kept it pending till today 1st january 2010. Guy we are all here to help each other so i need your opinion on what to do. Cos that small change means a lot to me. I don't want to lose again. HYIP!!!


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That's safe-earning.com right? GoldPoll's status for this program is "not paid!" atm, and the 5 day plan doesn't exist anymore, so it looks to me that this program has turned into a scam. I don't think there's anything you can do if that's the case, but try sending the admin a message thru the support page, maybe they'll answer back and pay you:angel: Goodluck:beer:

How much do you invest there?? I think you have to find good HYIP. First, don't be too greedy. Find HYIP with reasonable plan.. Do you think we can double the money on 10 days?? No, no, no never....

Try to invest on Gold Poll top 5. Listed on Gold Poll.. Well, the interest is not as high as 200% for 10 days, but they are paying for sure for more than 1 year already..
Yes as like said, we should not greedy while playing HYIP's. One thing we can say by closing eyes that, higher ROI sites will turn in to scam one day or another.


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I strongly suggest you to play only the first round of this kind HIGH ROI HYIP
the first round means only play it at starting date of the HYIP and plan ends

I was also in this one with 5$ and if i remember it should be 7 days so i got 7$ back then i quited
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