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We are following Rera’s guidelines and regulations through the owners’ association registration process – this is a process that embraces legal mechanisms to protect the interests of all property owners by dealing with defaulters,” a company spokesman had said.

Although the company earlier refused to divulge the total amount of unpaid service charges, industry sources said the figure is quite high.

DM, who owns two apartments in Discovery Gardens, said he has not got any notice from the developer although he admitted that he hasn’t paid service charges for quite some time.

“There has been no communication from them so far… my tenant has just informed me of the notice and I will look into the matter. I, as an owner, haven’t got any notice from them master developer.”

M Suresh, a resident of Discovery Gardens for past two years, said: “I just saw the notice yesterday and have informed my landlord. We are paying our rent and Dewa bills on time. If the water or power connection is disconnected, where do I go in this summer with my nine-month-old baby. I hope they find some solution.


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