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Hello All ,

Well I take the pleasure to announce to you all , that I and Sinip has bought the FORUM - http://www.hyrextalk.net

Well its the first acquisition of ITM
and i am sure we took some right decision.

Though the deal had cost a huge fortune but i am sure that with all our friends support we can make money for all of us :)

It will remain paid to post forum but few modifications will be made :-

1) Since we saw lot of pending requests are pending and we have to make payments to them - we came to a conclusion that since the forum scammed people - we will reimburse to them for what efforts members made in posting - So we will be paying HALF THE MONEY THEY HAD ASKED FOR ( this is because we have our budget right now and we can afford only that for now )

2) We will have new rates soon so people can start posting again on the forum and get paid :)

3) We need your support to make it big like ITM and GT

Thanks and regards
Topnotcher and Sinip


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Yep, we'll do our best, as usual. And of course, spammers and cheaters will not get paid. :) So stay tuned for some good news...


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so ITM admin bought the site..that is good and i think both of you is really kind until paid the request of member...

by the way i want to asking something..are you will add the new section there??
or will be always like that??
you mean itm admin already buy hyrextalk? i dont get it if the name is still the same by the old hyrex? well the explanation about hte half payment is not that bad, hopping that this site will increase someday.


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yeah sinip and topnotcher bought this site my friend..and the owner of the site is same like itm..
we will can relax to continue post in hyrextalk..:D
I believe all members of HyrexTalk will be happy with this announcement
Finally, for them, they are receive their money (those is half of the value they should get, but it is better than nothing).
I feel happy for them.

I would like to thank Topnotcher and Sinip for helping HyrexTalk members :)

I do have a suggestion. Why not change the forum name ?
There are 2 forums with the name HyrexTalk, just that one ends with .net (which ITM bought), and the other is .com (which EMF admin Jack the Scammer bought)
I fear that members and new members might be confused.


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I guess even express-invest is also taken or started newly by ITM admin right, i got a private message to join the forum and i joined and started making my postings there. I have one serious question here , if you are able to buy too many forums, how will you maintain them and why is the activity geting reduced on ITM and also heard form many that payment is getting delayed?


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Yes, I am agree with you. I ever joined to HYRexTalk.com before I got infromations that the site has turned
into scam site. How about our membership in HYrexTalk.com, must we register new in Hyrextalk.net or it
can be automatically used in new site?
i am also happy with that update as i have
a pending payment on the forum and it took
more than a month a no payment made by the
previous admin
I was surprise to see the hyrextalk thread up and running again. I haven't visited the site yet so I wouldn't know about the changes for now but I'm excited and is looking forward for it. I just don't know when will I visit the site again.
yes there are some activity again. so i am posting actively here. hope to more members getting once again on this forum. thankfully the admin has bought this forum and our effort to post before is not wasted.
i will try to get back my activity here again after i get my payment i hope the rate will still be the same i find it really easy to post here before that is why i was able to accumulate some posting here


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I happen to have a sour experience with italkmoney and now that they are the new owner of hyrextalk i don't know what to say.
i just know about eh story behind their changing name.but whatever i hope admin will surely pay member and give the rate too since until now they have not decide about the rate of posting but member just try to start their post
I am quite tired of HT's updates especially the one made by the previous admin. Hopefully, this new admin will be honest. I'm not a member of ITM by the way. I already made a payout request in Hyrextalk.NET but if I don't get paid, this IP of mine will not add in the site's traffic.
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the important is i support hyrextalk.net. the old .com though still online don't have our old post there. our old post are already transferred in hyrextalk.net. so we can continue our activity in hyrextalk.net
yup i know about it.but i just curious didn admin will pay member and when it will happen?sometime when i visit this site i just feel pissed off a bit because of the longest pending payemtnt hat they have but maybe we should understand admin too
I ever joined in the previous site which has been scammed in its news in hyrextalk.net if I don't make mistakes
the previous site is hyrextalk.com and I have made some posts in there. I didn't reach minimum payout yet and
I am not asking payment request yet but I am a little bit disappointed with the site. Now this site is not too stable.
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