HYIP Trading Life. & Best HYIP Trusted Monitors.

Hi to all...

I thought I would ask the experts here.
As I have only recently started investing in HYIP's.

I basically have two questions...

Question 1
What in your expert opinion would qualify as a good investment HYIP, and how long will the Trading Life be.? I know this probably depends on a lot of factors..

I have seen HYIP's that ran for 700 days, that paid well, and all of a sudden stopped paying.. Which resulted in everyone shouting SCAM... But if you think about it, HYIP's are very risky in the first place. So if i was an investor (which i am), then a 700 day payday will be great..

But as we know, things can change very quickly. As i noticed some big investors would swoop in, drop a couple of 1000 and then quickly cash out 20 000 or more.. This pushes the HYIP into overdrive and it cannot keep on paying out more that it gets in, there will be no profit.. This makes it very hard for the normal guy on the street trying to make an extra few bucks.
I guess one should know when to say I made enough profit, Let me not push my luck.

- I invested in c-7 which has already been running for 480 days. But with Payouts 5 times greater than it's deposits, I am getting a bit worried..
- I also invested in Cryptoconomist which has been running for 333 Days. With Deposits 2 times greater than it's Payouts. So I feel a bit safer with them at the moment.

Question 2
I came across a lot HYIP Monitoring sites that flat out lie about the programs they monitor, So i guess one can say, that they are in bed with the enemy.

Who in your opinion are the best HYIP Monitors around.. I really put my trust in GoldPoll.. And i also like the professional look and feel of the whole site..

Thank you for your time, everything here are my own thoughts, but I might be very wrong in my thinking..
That is why I came to the forums, to learn and understand more..

Thank you all...
And Happy HYIP'ing

Blue Boy Trader :cool:
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1. Some with long-term plans. But it is not that easy. Not even close. You need a bit of luck as well, or what they call "gut feeling". :) There are mid-term HYIPs that last for 3-4-5 months but you need to catch them while they're fresh.
In general, the more money a HYIP owner has put in starting a HYIP, it will take longer to have clear profit. Which means expensive hosting, SSL certificate, custom scripts, DDoS protection, all MIGHT mean that HYIP will last long(er). But then again it might fold due to one reason or another. :)

2. Avoid HYIP monitors that monitor or advertise ridiculous HYIPs that offer like 300% after 7 days or anything alike.

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No probs, there are other useful topics in this section. Just look around. :) And if you have some more questions - ask...
hyip is kinda dead these,unfortunately this isnt the best time to work in Hyip....To be honest to me HYIP is over now.....!! however hyip was allready dead at the time of LR scam but it recovered little bit but then egopay just killed it and now Its almost gone however some admins are not giving up and kept trying to keep this little hyip industry alive but its not working anymore I would recommend to go for bigger Investment sites which market is little bit more expanded than Hyip as they is still scope and potential in making some dollars..
You have to believe only top HYIP monitor sites, because other sites are not worth for your business. Also, Top monitor site indicates who will exist longtime online and which site is created by professional ADVERTISING LINK DELETED.
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Pls how do I know monitor site that are relevant to the system

Pls can you list top hiyp monitoring site for me
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