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I registered with this forum not long ago but I observed that my points was cut down from over a thousand point to hundred points and I was not given any reason for this. Please does anyone know why they do this?
i have worked with them for some days but there services are not Good as other Forum services The main problem you will not get the bonus for every valid post i dont know to what kind of Posts they say Valid
Their introduction of several innovations designed to facilitate trading for their clients like FXOptimax, a social trading platform that help to network all of FXOptimax traders together. The company is one of two which uses such a system, the other being eToro, in the Forex industry.
@sinip said Spinner and you said Spamming, was you Spamming the Forum with short posts or what? because all Forex Forums needs a lengthen posts. Maybe that was why your posts was deleted without notice.
I don't know, but may be the reason it this..
I don't have experience that any Forex related forum need long posts..& this causes less spamming, or delete or banned the forums.
If I open for you my FxFred Forums User Control Panel as at 2012-2013 you will see many Warnings am getting just because of short posts. So since them, lesson has be you should adjust by posting with more clarification of posts to lengthen it if that was the problem.
I'm just confuse with this forum. Last September I stop posting in here after I contact and ask them if is still a paying forum. That answer to me by chart support of fxoptimaxasia is that its not a paying forum anymore. So I post what chat support told me in fxoptimax forum and left.

Now I just visit the forum again after I see activity fxoptimax thread in GT has some activity. And I am surprise that I got warning of post chasing. 10 days after my last post! In short I have not posted for ten days and I got warning for post chasing! lols.

Anyway I am just wondering if anyone can also ask fxoptimaxasia if their forum is still a paying forum or not. Thanks. Because mine I ask last September so I really don't know if theirs is some changes.
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