How will I know if I am being indexed by the search engines?


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It is quite simple, you go to Google and type this in the searchbox (exactly as shown):

Replace with your domain name. If you get any results then your site is being indexed. Also, you can and you should include Google Analytics to your site, to get more detailed overview about traffic and everything else.


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Number of links in Google will be shown directly above the results, and this is how it looks like in case of

About 1,200,000 results (0.21 seconds)
It is very useful to learn small things but they give us a lot. I think if we make contents with our key words too the engines will catch us is it correct?
@praveefern, I think the more you have received an idea the more you have gained lots of references that is I really need to have references to have knowledge about the topic that I am learning.
yeah google indexer has lot known on trafficking but there are also other search engines who have uplift ones site. I had read it on an article.