How to get a better ranking on Google?

Hi all,

Just recently started working for a start-up company and currently trying to optimise our newly built website.

What is the best way to rank higher in Google?

You suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Maybe you need some informations:

. Create a list for each of the following:

a) Heavily trafficked sites that are operated by your top competitors. These include --

** The most popular companies in your niche, especially those with competing offers;

** Top ranking sites in Google, Youtube and / or Bing's organic search results pages for your target exact match keywords; and

** Sites with paid search & display and social ads (for competing offers) in Google, Bing, Youtube, Facebook and other relevant social networks etc

b) Heavily trafficked sites that have laterally relevant, non-competing content and offers. These include:

** The most popular sites in laterally relevant niches, especially those with non-competing offers that are relevant to your target audience;

** Top ranking sites in Google, Youtube and Bing's organic search results pages for laterally relevant, non-competing keywords; and

** Sites with paid search & display and social ads (for laterally relevant, non-competing offers) in Google, Bing, Youtube, Facebook and other relevant social networks ...

STEP 2. These online tools can help her do the following:

a) Identify the most effective traffic generation methods of those sites. These include direct traffic, referral traffic, organic and paid search traffic and social traffic;

b) Determine the onsite methods deployed by sites with significant direct traffic, i.e. Email subscription offers, membership communities and so on;

c) List down the referral traffic sources of sites with significant referral traffic;

d) List down the social traffic sources of sites with significant social traffic;

e) Identify the search & display and social ad networks used by sites with significant paid traffic;

f) List down the organic keywords used by sites with significant organic search traffic;

g) List down paid keywords of sites with significant paid search & display and social traffic, especially those with long running ad campaigns etc.

STEP 3. Verify which of those traffic sources will allow her to:

a) Post and share content, i.e. Web forums, blogs, Facebook groups, Facebook pages, LinkedIn groups, etc.;

b) Contribute guest posts, i.e. Blogs, authority sites, etc.;

c) Post display ads, marketplace ads and email ads, i.e. Blogs, Web forums, social pages, online social communities, etc.; and

d) Implement ad campaigns, i.e. Search & display ad networks, social networks, private blog networks, native ads in relevant apps, etc.

STEP 4. Create and implement a plan to maximize the use of those traffic sources for traffic generation, brand exposure and SEO results
There are many points to get your site on a good ranking on Google searches like writing good and unique content, good seo on-page techniques, social shares, good backlinks in the equation of no and dofollow.
I agree that techniques can be use in order to increase a site's ranking in google. One of those is to participate in any social media platforms or be aware of the basic online digital marketing strategies.
This is always an interesting topic because a lot of people seem to know a lot about it and they all say different things :( My website is only getting about 30 - 35 views per day after 2 months. I wonder if that is all I'll ever get :(
By following these below steps you can get better ranking
Use a search engine site map
Check Your Robots.txt File
ALT text on Images
The META Keywords Tag is Ignored
What works for you? I mean, legit ways to increase site ranking.

I know you should have:
Well-written content.
Valid backlinks
Mobile-friendly site

But what else is there? Most people who are successful at this have sought the help of freelancers that are great with SEO, B2B digital marketing, content writing, etc. But what if you don't have the cash for it? I think this sort of task requires a lot of time and hardwork but I also believe there are shortcuts to achieving what needs to be done.
hi.. use quality & unique content with metadata, search engine prefers your site, don't forget to use bold tags. It will help to increase rank in Google.

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Everybody wants the short version of this answer - or some sort of answer. But, what's believable? How do you know what will work?

The problem is, the first steps of accomplishing this feat begin with the development of your business. Focus on creating your message, your ideal target audience, and your market niche while establishing your goals, contingencies, and scaling plan.

Once you've solidified these important pieces of your foundation, you can begin researching the market (local or national) for opportunities. Finding holes in the competition allows helps you identify low-hanging fruit that gives you consistent result while you build your concrete strategy.
SEO is the main process to get a higher rank in the organic search results on search engines.To rank on google following task should be done -
1.Article writing
2.Social bookmarking
4.Directory submissions
5. blog writing


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Well, you are a commercial organization, well, buy traffic through Google ads and Facebook. First, paid traffic, then go and organic. Articles and free methods you can try for years and get nothing in the end.
Follow these suggestions, and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results.
  1. Publish Relevant Content. Quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and there is no substitute for great content. ...
  2. Update Your Content Regularly. ...
  3. Metadata. ...
  4. Have a link-worthy site. ...
  5. Use alt tags.