How did you roll in the Hyip business

In my case, a friend talking about and i got interested but did not any investment. My friend lost all his money with it, about $50000 in total and that over a period from 18 months. When i talk with him about i find out he just choose a program without any background information about and also many time he step in a program that already exist over several months. Anyway, even i did not one investment, it fascinated me a lot. I read a lot, search along Google about and find out that many people are in the HYIP business. Millions!! And growing every day. With a average invest capital from about $100 is this a Hugh $Billion industry. In 2008 i start with a small investment in 3 Hyip's. From the first moment i make my plan and rules... And my first rule ever is "asap take out my initial investment" second rule "Always step-in in New programs". On the end off 2008 my profit was $1847. Rule #3... NEVER invest in the month December... Why? Because many admin are only looking for a nice Christmas for them... Not for their investors or members. Early 2009 i did a stupid thing, a friend told me about his HYIP and i sign is, knowing the HYIP was already running for some months and i took 50% compounding from the beginning. The Hyip paid me the first 20 days but then he despaired. i lost $500 there. From that moment i promised myself that i always will keep myself on my rules. I always take contact and talk with many people about HYIP's... and left and right i really got some good information, but also i make good contacts for future HYIP's. Since 2009 till now i work with 5 to 7 HYIP's and in total about 12 to 18 HYIP's a year. Since 2009 i lost only in 2 HYIP's my investment but all the others i really make good money. My maxinum investment in a HYIP is $5000 but most of them i invest between $500 and $1000. I only take HYIP's with a daily %payment so i can get asap my initial investment back. Can i life from HYIP's? Yes i can