Help Needed in Selecting Plans

Dear All,

I am new to HYIP, need some advice on Plans to Invest. Planning to invest around $100. Suggest some good Plans
Amount to Be invested: $100( into 4-8 funds to diversify )
Duration: Medium Terms to Long Term
Risk Profile: Medium Risky Funds

Senior Members Kindly Suggest me 4-5 Funds

Thanks in Advance

There are a big lists of Mutual Funds Companies in Internet as well as your local library. That is if you want to do research yourself. If you want someone to tell you how to invest then read on.....
1) Call Mutual Companies and ask for prospective on their Funds. They all have Stock Funds invest in Stocks, Bond Funds invest in Bonds, Balance Funds invest in Stocks+Bonds. International Funds invest outside US, Income Funds invest in Dividend paying Stocks. and etc.....
If you are planning to invest $2000 a month, that is a very good amount to start. Choose 3 or 4 Funds. divide that amount into funds of your choice and continue investing......
Keep in mind to select all your Mutual Funds (NO LOAD) which means you do not pay commission to buy or sell them. However most of them require minimum amount to open an account. American Century, T Rowe Price, Fidelity, USSA, offer many no-load funds.
Open a Roth IRA Account with them as well.And direct some of your investment to your Roth IRA Account to grow Tax free.