Happening Shares!!

hi friends !!

when a company is going bankrupt or when it is being merged with a another one or is taken over by some other company...then its time to buy that company's shares. I have benefited from buying those company shares when the situation was either of 3 cases.

My co-traders at gnutrade gave me this suggestion long while back and I have experienced it myself very recently...and hence Im letting it you all know about it.

it really works...The price of that share increases drastically.

good luck
Thats really a strange advice that I have heard from anyone. How can you benefit from a share for a company that is going bankrupt. This is really interesting. Please provide some more details about it here.


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I can see that when a company is acquired by another or merged with another, it`s share price may increase. But, i don`t understand how a company that`s going bankrupt can help it`s shareholders, unless there are some creditors who come like last minute Samaritans and lend a helping hand which really has to boost the company`s performance again, or it`s as good as a HYIP going scam in the online world.
At the time of merger and acquisition traders should consider stocks of those companies and evaluate using different techniques related to merger and acquisition to further conclude whether to invest in those stocks or not.