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marie2success said:
The saga continues.

Last week 10MDC was claiming that the refunding continues after a break of 6 weeks which was caused by the closure of their bank account.
They assume that one of the withdrawal receivers must have reported it to an authority.
If that would happen again they would only pay cash in Gibraltar or Istanbul or the like.
(Ah yes, members would have to travel there.)
In the meantime, a new bank account has been established under difficult circumstances.

Another funny thing:
They claim that the financial authorities even contacted the website hosting service because of "involvement in unauthorized conduct of banking business".
Therefore 10MDC is closing the website and will publish further informations in a newly created forum where members have to log in.

To be continued...
Wow what a story they have right now. I hope they can still pay now that their banks are closed and everything. It certainly looks like the prospects of getting paid becomes dimmer as the days goes by unless you are willing to risk travelling to Gribraltar or Istanbul without any assurance that you will really be paid there at all. :(
No news yet. I registered the new 10MDC forum 3 weeks ago.
It seems it is just an info forum, not intended for communication between members or admin and members.

Anyway, it states that I will get an email as soon as a new info will be published in the forum.
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