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How had it been going friends of GTSGT? I have not been able come online due to some facts and offline jobs. Hope it's moving fine here, i will be much around here this days.
@rainbowrunner - do I understand you right that you are trying to find new HYIPs to no avail?
After all I would consider the entire January still as holiday season.
Honestly, I even don't try to find something, I'm quite tired after the lastest disappointments
and grab what I can from the very few remaining investment opps in my portfolio.
But never say never.

@Forumtech - no, sadly we can't say that it's moving fine here, quite the opposite!
GTSGT is on hold. After Jim had provided a couple of dividends to us and after losing the remaining money with bad
HYIPs, we had to stop all activities due to a lack of cash.

There is a small hope that 10MDC will be liquidated and will cash out the members but that could take months and to be frank, the hope tends to zero.

Nevertheless, no reason to cry since GTSGT ended being in profit. :)
Hi, guys, sorry been missing for so long, I'm involved in a new venture and took me away from the HYIP game.

I'm now involved in mobile application development and if any of you need a side job to make money, let me know.

I'm offering this to people I know as its hard to make money online.

Mobile Applications is the new holy grail.

Hope you guys won't delete this, this is an offer for our members only.

Wishing everyone success this year. I feel for business this is going to be my best year every.

Jambutty - Yes I think so too but I had posted back when they were gone and Marie had answered me but then had asked me a question so I was answering her. I was late doing it because I didn't know it was on here.
Well Marie, some days are like that. But let's hope that 10MDC returns as expected from them, so we can atleast move on with GTSGT again, instead of delay or we can think whether to carry on by donating another bucks.


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There is $3.82 left in the kitty. Please see the web page.


As I stated before IF 10MDC pays what it owes us the money will be distributed. The chances of that happening are remote. But you can keep your own eye on 10MDC. The URL is on the web page. The notices are in German so you will have to use a translator to find out what is happening. I can recommend -

In the meantime I have to do something with the residue. Obviously there isn’t enough to pay a dividend. Actually it works out at 0.12% per share, with 2 cents left over.


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I would be willing to re-invest $10. or $20. into GTSGT again to get the ball rolling again.
The new Surf programs look interesting, but due to personal circumstances I can't join them.
Just tossing this out there :)
Hm, the problem is - what will we accomplish with only $20 or 40 for 50 members?
The huge majority of the partners doesn't even remember to be a GTSGT member, I guess.
So it wouldn't be fair that a few members would take the risk for all of the others IMO.

10MDC folks did never cheat us during the couple of years I have been invested there.
So if there is any possibility (regarding Helmut's serious health issues) to liquidate the company and pay off the member's funds,
it may happen. But when? Until then the $3.82 could patiently sit in the LR account or Jim could take it for himself :)


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There is what appears to be good news regarding 10MDC.

In a nut shell there may be positive good news in early March.

Please see the web page for the URL to 10MDC.


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There is an opportunity to cash in on NonStopPayments.

Current lifetime 136 days.

Not monitored by GoldPoll.

A $50 deposit will earn 3% per day for 100 days. That is $1.50 per day. With RCB of $5 the BEP is 30 days. The minimum withdrawal is $10 so you can only withdraw every 7 days. However, I notice in withdrawals of less than $10 are being paid. The total ROI including RCB will be $155 - a CP of $105.

A $600 deposit will earn 4% per day for 150 days. That is $24.00 per day. With RCB of $20 the BEP is 25 days. The total ROI including RCB will be $3,620 - a CP of $3,020.

$600 is too much for the average punter but if 12 people each contributed $50 ($53 to cover LR fees) they would get 4% for their $50 and get to BEP sooner, instead of 3% and BEP of 30 days by going it alone. Paid posts.

So I am looking for 11 other people to join with me in a syndicate. More can join us if they wish but it needs a minimum of 11 others with me.

The total ROI including RCB will be $3,620 – that is $301.66 each in 150 days. A CP of $251.66.

I will make a withdrawal from NSP every day but to save on my time, syndicate members will get paid every 5 days. That will be $10 each. The first payment of $11.66 will include the RCB.

I have a spare and secure LR account that is currently empty.

Please do not ask if we can use a different payment processor. It gets too complicated with more than one PP.

Please do not ask for a smaller share. It becomes too unwieldy with more than 12 syndicate members.

At $10 a share it would mean 60 members. At $25 a share it would mean 24 members.

Once the deposit has been made we will not be able to accept any more members for the syndicate.

Are there 11 people to join with me willing to risk $50 for 25 days?

If anyone is interested please post your reply. No time wasters please. You need to have the money available now so when I ask for the payments to be made to my LR account as soon as I have 11 people ready to join with me, you will be able to do so.

Finally this venture is not part of GTSGT.
New Program

I'm sorry but I just don't feel that I can put $50 into the program. I wish I could but it's more than I can afford to lose. If it was $25 I would probably go along with it but $50 is a lot of money for me.
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