globalsurvey is a good site -

yes it is true that with these kind of free survey sites you are not going to get a cashout each and every month but do surveys when they come and when you reach the dead line you may cash out as a bonus and if you are having a few of these surveys you can enjoy them in some intervals.
i hate globalsurvey not because they are scma but do will never send survey to you especially if you are from africa,i think this survey site is a site that anybody rely on for earning a living because they hardly send survey,i have join for some times and i do not get any survey if anybody is looking for a good survey do you search very well
global survey is a good site it has some disadvantage
it does not send surveys daily,i have never received any survey from them since the time i joined,i think it is a waste of time for me join such a site
there are better survey sites that anybody can make reasonable money from
monyitomon said:
Most of the Paid to answer Survey is only Available For the U.S there's no international Paid to survey i would be happy if i find some.

Yes, I agree that most of the survey sites are directed towards USA only. But there are few survey sites that pay international members for participation. They pay by check usually. Sites like globaltestmarket do pay you by check. But still these sites offers USA members the most.
ehsanji said:
Once again I am disappointed. I mean they support PayPal only. No Alert Pay or bank check facility! I don’t know why these people miss Alert Pay. I still believe sites with Alert Pay facility gain users’ trust as well as more users, compared to those supporting PayPal only.
It is true that most of the international survey sites prefer to accept Paypal money payment system or check payment system just to prove their genuineness. But it is not hard to get a paypal account anywhere. I am from India and I have my Paypal account approved through my PAN card verification. It is also true that in many countries Paypal is not active presently. SO have to wait a little or opt for check payment. I don't know how genuine this site is!
Global survey market is one of the oldest paid survey site started in 1999 just like surveysavvy.It has rewarded a huge... !!! amount of over $30000000 to their participants.They rewards Market points and sweepstakes for taking surveys which are redeemable for cash.For globalsurveymarket 1000 marketpoints equals $50.
Oh man, another site not available in my country. They FAQ section is done great, but they definitely need to make other countries available too. Overall, it doesn't look like scam, but needs to motivate people to join.
They just need to add more countries especially the third ones.I have had a nasty experience with survey jobs and i have never been paid by even a single one.
tigermeet said:
is these agood site to make money or what is it legit to sign up and is it accept all countries iam form egypt can it accept me or not.
as you can see,the people here coments,it is a good site.and for more nformation you can always visit the site or better still you read what is posted in the first page of this thread
tank for your advising me am new in this site and i wish to no more about this site because i here that this site is one of the best site that paid money fast