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For a onetime investment of $35, a potential return (eventually) of $55,000.

Does anybody know anything about this lot? They have been just sitting quietly in the background, not a lot of promotion from members... just wondered if anyone has heard any rumblings about them?


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Well, the theory is good, it's actually very clever.. Whether or not they can put it into practice is another story.

I gave them my $35 a while ago - and I'm quite surprised that they are still around, and still in touch with their membership, so it appears that maybe there really is a "Plan" that will spring into action when they reach the magic number of 100,000 members. Otherwise they would be better off to have run with the money they already have. And just this week they were testing a new mail system - so they're still spending money too.

My opinion? One time $35 payment ? Well, we're gamblers aren't we, so what the heck! It could easily turn out to be one of those plans that will surprise you... especially as I believe that it is the first of it's kind.


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No worries mate!

kyteflyer, the closure is only a temporary measure while they install new server / mail software and sort out some errors in the referral downlines. (it's a pretty hefty ref bonus with this program 2k per sign up - it needs to be right!)
They'll open up again soon, I'll post here when they do..
I'm in this, too. :) I believe it's worth the gamble.

There's a members-only forum that's quite active but you have to have signed up and paid the $35 fee to access it. It won't be long before they accept new members again (as soon as some bugs are fixed in the new site), so stay tuned...


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this is a really interesting concept.

Im in and so is my family, i cant more then loose a bit out. And is woth the chance getting more then i thought was possible in a short time.
What i do not understand is the loyalty plan. They pay u 2000 for every member u bring in? Thats a nice sum and so its worth to sign up my kids.
Thanks a lot for a good healthy game/chance info


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OK!! I'll look forward to hearing when its all opened again. I had a good feeling about them some time ago when I was first considering them (but instead put my money into a couple of flybynight dodgy HYIPs and lost most of it)... I had written to them with a couple of questions. Those were answered promptly and courteously by a lady named Stella. Hope its all good and looking forward to joining :)

[edit] Just went back to the site and did some more reading. The membership bonus of ebooks. Are those the usual dross you can get anywhere?
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Open Now

Hello Sue - this is for you!

Dear Members,

We did it! Thank you for your tireless help and patience! The new software is online now and new members are welcome to join again!

At the moment the membership fees are handled via e-gold only, but more payment methods should follow in the near future!

Please remember, that you now have a new referral link and the old one won't work anymore!

If you find any bugs from the new software, please delay reporting them to Bug Reports folder!

Thank you!

E-books? What e-books ? I'd better go look too....


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Thanks for the headsup, Peter. GRRRR I am waiting payout from Wired now. God knows how long that will take. Anyway, I've decided its ok to lose $35 here if its a loss and if it is not, nice bonus.

I don't quite "get" the plan though... at what point are these "policies" paid out? When one reaches the grand old age of 65? Or when the 100,000 membership is reached (or soon after)...

Did you find the ebooks? I'm expecting them to be the usual stuff. "killer minisites", "freetosell6" etc
Circle Refer

The way I understand you are rewarded for referals up to 12 levels deep. So I plan to sign up under PeterG he will get 2k. If someone signs up under me I believe both he and I each get 2k. Can someone please read the FAQ and make sure I understand it right. If it is indeed as I interpret 2k per level for everybody in the downline then we should use the forum here to help each other ( i.e. instead of signing up under your friend Peter or me sign up under someone I refered then 3 people get 2k instead of one. Obviously if I interpret this wrong then my entire post is junk.

And I was just using Peter and myself as examples. The way I read it. When I sign up on his link he get 2k. Then when I sign my wife up under me I get get 2k but so does he. So if this is right I think it would be great to create a 12 level vertical chain that is very thin. And then just keep adding people under person 11 so the 12th level grows horizontally as well.

Am I on crack or does this make since?

PeterG I will PM you once I am finally signed up under you. Thanks for taking time to explain it to me earlier.



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You are welcome holden78. Helping each other is what this forum is all about.

You are correct in saying that each referral generates $2k, and each member can generate referral fees to 12 levels deep. Each and every Insurance policy has $24000 allowance built in to pay for the 12 level refs at $2k each.

And your single vertical downline plan also has some merit. However, this does limit each member, to the 12 members that are underneath them. A hefty $24000, I know, but a member who can generate a few direct sign-ups himself "horizontally" is obviously in a position to make a lot more from their downlines too. I think the website gives the example : If every member generates just 2 new sign-ups, through 12 levels that is over 500 refs = $1m in ref bonus!!
Think about that.... :beer:

kyteflyer, the plan will pay as soon as 100,000 members are reached. Don't need to hurry to get into this, you have plenty of time. Right now there are 6000+ members so there's a fair way to go.
I haven't found a listing for the e-books, but by Stella's sig in the forum it's going to be things like 'Hyip 101'.


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peterg said:
I think the website gives the example : If every member generates just 2 new sign-ups, through 12 levels that is over 500 refs = $1m in ref bonus!!
Think about that.... :beer:
I like the idea of 2 each, I think we can all do that. I already have 1, who will sign up 3, and another who will likely sign up 3 as well. Those two lines will probably stop there but its still a nice bonus.


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The figures are astounding... if they have the financial means to do this, then their profit is $8,000,000,000 - $80,000 x 100,000 - less the cost of maintaining (interest on) the 'mortgage'. Ok, it's spread over quite a few years - but what a residual income that is!
And the $35 x 100,000 gives them $3.5 million to set it all up.....

It's certainly the first of it's kind... which is why it just might work!
Here's hoping... good luck for all! :thumbsup:


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I'm really narked that I am wholly dependent now on getting paid from Wired. I had 95% of my meagre funds in there. Can't wait to get into GPP... it feels like its a goer.
Great! Let's all do this. The earlier we hit the 100,000 member-level, the better for everybody, right? I haven't got any referrals yet but I've started to put the GPP site up for rotation in the autosurfs I'm in. And if anyone wants to sign up under me, I'd be happy to PM him/her my ref link, too.

As for the HYIP 101 book in Stella's link, peterg, it's not part of the free bonus e-books. It's an affiliate link.
The theory is good, but will it work in practise?

I think they will struggle to meet the 100,000 people.

After 1yr they have 6,500 people, it may take 3 years to get that many people.

Will they still be there in 3 years?

Will the investment companies and insurance companies that they plan to deal with still be there in 3years?

I guess we wont know until it happens.

The 100,000 membership is entirely possible if the example of 12DP is anything to go by. If I remember correctly, there were more than 200, 000 members in there when they closed after less than a year of existence.

I think the reason that they're offering such high commissions per signup is precisely to speed things up.

How about if we start a signup process in this forum -- as someone earlier suggested -- where one person becomes the downline of the person immediately preceding him/her (that is, sign up using his/her link) and so on down the line. Note that you can only put your name on the list once.

What do you think, guys and girls?

Btw, the pension plan is limited to those 66 years old and below.


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The drawback in the Plan that I see: They state that they will mortgage each Insurance for 60% of it's $200000 value = $120,000... OK, so then:
$41,000 of this pays for the Insurance? From the mortgage on that same Insurance ?

So how do you get a mortgage on an Insurance Policy that you haven't even bought yet ? :confused:
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