Get Free Referrals for Bitconnect here!

Hello Investors! :)

I want to inform you about a newly formed community, Bitconnect-Referrals.
Our community has 450+ members and growing. We also have an active lending of $850,000+ and it has only been 5 weeks since the launch of our community. You can join the queue by registering with the link below. You quickly build up referrals and also earn on their sub-levels as the queue is formed as a loop to get referrals quickly and fairly among everyone.

I can help you get referrals and guide you thru by joining my team.
The community is growing everyday and all you got to do is just sit back and wait for referrals from our side. It is a friendly community and you can also chat within it to discuss ideas and get investing guidelines.

Team Link:

New Special Feature:
Silver Members: If you're lending less than $10010, you will be eligible. You get Silver members as referrals.
Gold Members:If you're lending more than $10010, you will be eligible. You get Silver member referrals and Gold members as well.

Cheers & Happy Holidays!!