Get free 2 CMT, 1 CMT = 05$ now

You download the app 5miles (on smart phone) on what steps to receive 2 CMT
B1: Download the 5Miles app to your phone
B2: Enter the code DFSYNI (in your invite code) to get 10 CMT
B3: Post any post to receive 1 CMT
B4: To check the CMT you receive in profile (profile)
-> At the top of the avatars click on the phone icon -> Here enter the country and phone number, then you are immediately complete and will receive 1CMT immediately on the wallet (displayed in the wallet folder)
Introduce 1 person both get 1 CMT ae get free current price
P / S: CMT is taking a very smart step to create a consumer community, its value will increase rapidly in the future (On the home page of the app has sold Mec C200 by CMT :))