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Hello every one !
Today i want to share one of the leading forum into the Forex worlds, and one more thing it`s sponsor it`s Lite Forex which is highly trusted and safe broker , so what ever bonus you gonna earn it`s only yours

We are running a promotions about bonus per post

We are paying much high rates rather then any others forum
For your post we will pay =30 cents
For you referral we will pay= 10 cents

One more thing we have our own analytic We publish every day good reports about the current market .
We have Section From beginner to advance

I am happy to announce this forum among all of you
because This GT is one of the leading forum and i am making a official announcement here.

So if you have question about forum i`ll like to assist you on the time
here is think link
Wow!Another Forex Based PTP...!:)

The rates are cool...!:flying:

Only thing,I can't join because I don't know anything about Forex,maybe later...! :D

Already 41k+ people...!:eek:

I am interested to know am I being able to request for my payout to my liberty reserve account? Most of the forex forum not allowed the cashout through any payment processor. They give the forum earnings as bonus into forex trading account to use it in forex trading. I want to know is here any exception of this. I am happy to see that this forum has already got over 41000 members with a number of threads. Also there are various currency pair information available which may help brokers to a great extent.
Well this is not a new forum they have been around for a long time now well only those with knowledge about forex can post here and we can only cashout our earnings to our forex accounts.
I don't like the system of this Forex Forum because you will need to deposit a funds equal to your earnings with the Forum so when you earned 30 dollars BONUS then you will need to deposit 30 dollars frow your own money to be able to get your BONUS from the Forum.
Yes that is a disadvantage about all this forex forum with high post rate i think it much better to post in forums which pays directly to our liberty reserve account and which we dont have to make any deposits.
wasi90lk said:
i think it will be better if members will not have to deposit money.
what do you mean it will be better ?
We are not asking for the money and plus all deposit money goes in your trading account not forum account , this forum is purely for serious traders
rexway said:
The most funny and discourage part of this program is that they dont pay us to our processor except to our trading account which is not that encouragious because everybody want to have their own payment to their processor if the admin can just hear members cry and add this means it will be much more better.
30 cents per post and that should be cash oh how this is possible
We encourage the traders and this is why it`s not typical forex forum
all bonus can be used to trade if you have skills think about it how much you can earns?
fokerss1 said:
wow. it is a high rate to pay to post . anyone got paid by the forum ? any payment proof? what the minimum payout ?
Of course it is high pay per post. There are many of peoples are getting paid , visit forums see proof , sponsor is liteforex which is very reputated broker
THE simple rule here is stick by what works for you or what you have capacity for. in this case you will not disturb yourself with the high earners that will demotivate you.
Most of us are turned off because of the trading that is involved otherwise high rate. I will consider joining this one as I know of liteforex to be a reputable broker which mean the forum is good to join as they can pay those high rate. It will be hard to benefit with this in the beginning but if one can stick to it and study the forex market well to understand how it works, then in the long run, it will be highly profitable
The post rate in this forex forum is very high like most forex forums. But forex forums that pay such high rates are mainly for forex traders as the money earned goes directly into the poster's forex account. Even if a poster has some knowledge of forex, he won't be able to earn here if he doesn't have a forex account.
Yes, that is the case here. The money goes to forx account and from there, the poster or trader must trade the money and gain some profit before he/she can withdraw it. If he/she loose the money, that's it. All the time he/she has spend posting will become wasted that is why it is good to have good knowledge on forex before participating in forums like this.
oh , i want to work on this forum but i don't want to deposit money from my LR account.
I think this is a good forum if you are a expert trading forex. and so i will post on this forum when i am able
Amazing this forum if offering very high pay per click rates but according to me it would have been if they directly pay members to their liberty reserve account instead of sending the payment to their trading account.
fokerss1 said:
wow. it is a high rate to pay to post . anyone got paid by the forum ? any payment proof? what the minimum payout ?
Do you know how this site pay? This site does not pay directly. Instead you going to earn bonuses that you can use to trade in liteforex and you can't even get that bonus unless you going to deposit money in your liteforex account and the amount you can get as bonus in liteforex is equal to the amount that you have in your forexpeople account.
In short if you deposit 50 dollars and you have 30 dollars in forexpeople you can only get 30 dollars bonus and not 50 dollars.
yeah , i glad to see 30 cents from 20 cents , last time we were earn 20 cent s for each posting in forex peoples , users are more active now to picking some more bonus for their postings , site is great for forex , specially i love their forex strategy section , its a best part of this forum .