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New Rules



The user name will be banned permanently and all posts will be deleted.

These rules supersede all previous rules although in the main they are not too different to what used to be.

All members are asked to read these updated rules and post a reply in indicating that they have done so. A simple “I have read the updated rules” will do although members are free to include a comment about them if they wish. Any posts made without an indication that the updated rules have been read after these amended rules have been published are liable to being deleted.

All crude, rude or offensive words anywhere in the forum will get the post deleted and the offender banned.

Purpose of this Forum
The major purpose of this forum is to exchange information about HYIP's etc, share experiences and to help newcomers to the HYIP scene (and others) avoid making expensive mistakes.

This forum is not a means of gaining referrals or a passport to touting for them. Members who make good quality and informative posts will gain a good reputation and others will be inclined to look at their signature rather than someone else’s if they want to join the programme being discussed.

Abuse and Misuse of the forum.
Abuse of the Forum Rules, misuse of the forum, abuse of fellow members, abuse directed at Moderators and forum Admin will not be tolerated. Abusers will be banned without warning. This does not mean that Moderators are inviolate. If you consider that you have been the subject of abuse by a forum Moderator you have the right to complain to the forum Administrator.

Do not use a user name that contains any reference to GoldPoll, Golden Talk, GP or GT in it. E.g GoldPollMan, Golden Talk Member, etc.

When registering please DO NOT use a web site URL in full as your user name. E.g mywebsite is OK. or www.mywebsite or is NOT. This includes mywebsitedotcom and the like. Please DO NOT use an offensive or crude word as a user name.

Offenders will be banned and invited to register again using a legitimate user name. All posts under the illegal user name will be deleted.

Multiple Identities
Multiple identities will not be allowed. This is to protect forum members from the misleading information that multiple identities can, and do, generate.

Members found with multiple identities will have all identities banned.

Exception: If you have a legitimate need for an alternate identity on forum, you may apply to a Moderator or to the Forum Admin for permission.

Please DO NOT use an avatar that is a web site logo or contains the web site URL or name. It will be deleted if you do. Any text or words in the avatar must be in English.

Profile Location
You may not use your web site URL or web site name as your profile location. You don’t live in a web site. Offenders will be banned and invited to register again. All posts with your web site URL or web site name as your location in your profile will be deleted.

Will members please put their location in their public profile? It is nice to see where everyone is from. Just a town or country will do. This will help if a member has problems accessing a site whilst others do not.

Signatures may contain referral URL’s. There is a 300 characters limit on the whole signature. Please keep your signatures up to date. If a web site in your signature has turned into a scam remove it or replace it with another ASAP. Signatures must only be in English.

Banners are not allowed in signatures

General Posting Rules
1) Please ensure that your posts go into the correct folder. It helps us to keep the forum with a semblance of tidiness.
All posts for new programmes must be posted in the appropriate Advertising folder. A new programme is one that does not have a thread elsewhere in the forum, unless it is in the “I Have Been Paid By …” and “Scam” folders. The General Golden Talk Discussion folders are for discussing the programmes and not listing their plans etc.

2) Please DO NOT make nonsensical posts. They will be deleted and repeat occurrences will get the poster banned.

3) When posting in the “I Have Been Paid By …” and “Scam” folders the post title MUST be the web site name. No abbreviations please. In other folders it would be extremely helpful to all members if the post title were the name of the web site being discussed (not its URL). No abbreviations please. Posts with the web site name as the title of the post will make searches easy.

4) Sooner or later it is going to dawn on someone that they can get round the advertising restrictions by using the site referral URL as the title of a post. Please DO NOT do it. It WILL get you banned.

5) Before making a post please do a search to see if the topic is already being discussed and add your post to it rather than starting a new thread. THIS DOES NOT APPLY IN THE ADVERTISING FOLDER.

6) Posts CANNOT contain a REFERRAL URL except in Advertising.
If you need to refer to a web site so that others can offer their opinion on it, then post its URL.
If in a post a member asks another member for his referral URL/RCB etc DO NOT REPLY IN A POST. Reply by PM or email.
Any URL that is not related to the original topic will be deleted.
False signatures will be deleted, repeat offenders will be Banned.

7) Please DO NOT plagiarise (copy and paste) other posts.

8) Please DO NOT post in the non-English language folders in a language other than the one for that folder. In other words the French folder is for posts written in French. The German folder is for posts written in German etc. Illegal posts will be deleted. Likewise, please don’t post in languages other than English, in the English folders.

9) Please DO NOT be rude, use foul language or be abusive to other members in your posts.

10) Please DO NOT mix topics in the same post.

11) Posts should be truthful, factual and accurate. If you are posting your OPINION about an HYIP then do not present it as a FACT and back up your opinion with verifiable evidence.

11a) This forum has a policy to ensure that posts are truthful. To this end posts claiming deposits or payments may, at the discretion of a mod, need to be proved.

If a deposit/payment was by Liberty Reserve, please supply the details required by

If a deposit/payment was by any other payment processor then a screen grab of the HYIP account or payment processor account showing the deposit/payment is required.

Members are advised not to ignore a mod’s request when asked to supply proof of deposit/payment. Failure to cooperate will mean a permanent ban.

12) If you consider a web site to be a scam tell the forum why you think so and present verifiable evidence to back up your claim.

13) Please DO NOT send a PM or email to another forum member inviting them to join a particular web site unless a member asks you to do so.

14) Please DO NOT refer to your own or any particular member’s signature.
Please DO NOT refer to your own or a particular member’s post in the Advertising folders.
Please DO NOT invite someone to join a programme under you or anyone else in your posts.


15) Do not include a referral URL or a user ID for the programme in your posts except in the advertising folders. If a screen grab of your payment includes either of these details they must be blacked out. Failure to comply will result in up to a 3 months ban.
Do not include a link to some off forum source that shows your payment proof. This includes youtube, facebook, your own web site, other forums etc. but is not limited to those. The 39K allowance for publishing screen grabs in a post is more than enough to enable members to post payment proof screen grabs.

16) Members who ask for or suggest that another member be banned, either in a post, PM or when reporting a post, is quite likely to have the request backfire.

Advertisement Posting Rules
17) Any advertising posts placed anywhere else except in Advertising will be deleted.

18) Do not hijack an existing advertising thread by including your own referral URL for that or any other site in your post. If you want to advertise the same programme or a different one, start your own thread.

19) Please do not advertise more than one programme in a thread.

20) Adverts for porn, warez, hate sites, racist sites, hacking sites and the like will be deleted and the poster permanently banned.

Posts infringing the above rules will be liable to deletion, and members may be subject to a permanent ban if their behaviours do not change.

These rules may be applied retrospectively.

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