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Crypto portfolio guide with #3

In today's final post from the "Crypto portfolio" series, will tell you about four cryptocurrencies available for trading. Each currency can be a great addition to the trading portfolio of cryptocurrency traders. Perhaps these crypto assets are what you need.

1. IOTA (IOT). IOTA differs from other cryptocurrencies in its technology. This is not the usual blockchain, but the Tangle technology, the advantage of which is the speed of transaction confirmation. When creating the cryptocurrency, the developers relied on the revolutionary idea of the Internet of Things, which can become a new branch of technology development. It is noteworthy that many leading tech companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, IBM and Google are also engaged in the development of Internet of things technology. IOTA is currently cooperating and negotiating with some of them. Interesting fact: it is impossible to mine IOTA coins, all coins were issued when the cryptocurrency was launched.

Launched: June 2014
Current price: $0,5044
Total capitalization: $1,40 billion

2. Monero (XMR) is a cryptocurrency aimed at preserving personal data using the CryptoNote protocol, which is not a fork of Bitcoin and has algorithmic differences associated with mixing data within the blockchain. Its developers focus on optimizing the codebase to guarantee a high level of privacy. Due to anonymity, Monero transactions take up 8 times more space than Bitcoin transactions. Interesting fact: in 2016, the currency capitalization increased by 2760%.

Launched: April 18, 2014
Current price: $104,46
Total capitalization: $1,69 billion

3. The name of the NEO cryptocurrency comes from the ancient Greek prefix "νεο", which means "new", "young" and "modern". The NEO team wanted to use an ancient word that would give modern meaning—a bridge leading from the physical world to the digital world. Before the rebranding, the currency was called Antshares. Some call NEO "Chinese Ethereum" because the cryptocurrency also uses smart contracts. However, according to the developers, they are more advanced and error-free.

It is noteworthy that the partners of the cryptocurrency are not only large companies such as Microsoft Azure, Alibaba, but also Chinese authorities. This is important, because the world knows China's policy towards modern cryptocurrencies. Before the ban on cryptocurrency exchanges and ICO, Chinese authorities held a consultation with the founder of NEO Da Hongfei.

Launched: October 17, 2016
Current price: $16,152
Total capitalization: $1,04 billion

4. OMNI (OMN) is a platform for creating assets and currencies known as MasterCoin until March 2015. The token is a fork of Bitcoin. OMNI uses and extends the advantages of the Bitcoin technology. For this purpose, Omni Layer is used, which includes currency exchange facilities, a crowdfunding platform and other tools.

Launched: July 31, 2013
Current price: $4,513
Total capitalization: $2,47 million

Want to try yourself in cryptocurrency trading? provides comfortable trading conditions for ECN Crypto accounts:

• The minimum lot is 0.01, the leverage is 1:3.
• 35 trading instruments: cryptocurrency pairs with Bitcoin, USD and Euro.
• Spread depends on liquidity.
• Commission is only 0.5% of the amount in base currency.
• Trading available 24/7.
• Fast speed of order execution (200-300 ms).
• Trading through the well-known MetaTrader 4 trading terminal.

You can make a deposit to your trading account in cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum (ETH) — with 0% commission!

Trade cryptocurrencies safely on the ECN Crypto account with, a dynamic broker that has been providing comfortable conditions for cryptocurrency trading since 2014!
"Profitable spring with": deposit without commission!

Want to make this spring more profitable and make a deposit to your Forex trading account without commission? It's easy! constantly improves trading conditions and services, making them even more convenient for traders. You can make a deposit to your account without commission through the payment systems listed below. These conditions will be valid throughout the spring. Don’t miss your chance to save on commissions! provides reliable conditions in the Forex market since 2004. Get 0% commission on deposits and enjoy the spring with!
ECN spread statistics from for March 2019

Dear Clients,

Our company is one of the leading brokers on the FX-field, as indicated by the quality of our services, reputation and growing loyalty of customers. The success of lies in the fact that our team clearly understands the importance of trading conditions, especially for traders, who use complex trading strategies such as scalping, arbitrage or HFT. Therefore, we regularly test and add new liquidity providers, while also improving our technical parameters, thereby maintaining the quality and stability of our trading conditions at the highest level.

In order to highlight the advantages of, we have prepared statistics of our average spreads for the previous month, which reflects the overall level and quality of our services.

Average spreads for March, 2019:
(February’19 spreads are shown in brackets)

Still in doubt about the competitiveness of our trading conditions? Test it yourself without exposing your funds to risks.

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Become our client and take advantage of the full range of our services.

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Your premier ECN broker,
Execution speed means profit. How Forex.eе provides ultra-fast order execution is constantly working to improve trading conditions for its clients. Technical support of trade is one of the key priorities in our development. Our main task is to provide ultra-fast speed and quality of order execution. In today's post, we’ll focus on why the execution speed is important for traders and how manages to keep it high.

First, let’s refer to the terminology. Order execution speed is the time from the moment a trade is opened to its actual execution. In Forex, the execution speed can vary from a few fractions of a second to a few seconds in a volatile market.

Why is execution speed so important? Professional market participants believe that ultra-fast execution speed is even more important for profitable trading than the size of spreads and commissions. In trading, the speed of order execution determines whether the trader's order will be processed at the requested price and whether the trader will receive the profit that he expected in full.

What influences the speed of order execution? The type of position processing—Market Execution or Instant Execution, reliability of liquidity providers, market volatility and technical security of the broker—all this affects the speed from the side of the market and the broker. However, the execution of the order can also be affected by the speed of the trader's Internet connection. You should also consider this when trading Forex. provides instant processing of orders with a speed of 200-300 ms. We use only ECN/STP order processing technology. Orders are transferred directly to liquidity providers and then automatically processed. There are no requotes in this execution model.

The type of order processing at is Market Execution. Market Execution means execution at the market price. The actual execution price can differ from the current price by a few pips. To reduce the possibility of inaccurate order execution even in a volatile market, uses modern equipment and technical solutions for trading at each stage.

One of these solutions is the One Click Trading Level2 plugin, which provides high accuracy, increases the speed of order execution and optimizes operations in highly volatile markets. The MT4 trading platform has an automatic slippage control mechanism that secures clients' funds during the release of important news.

Want to test drive the speed of order execution at in the real interbank market? Get a $15 Welcome bonus to your STP account! You can find the detailed terms of the campaign on our website.

Instant order execution speed, no requotes, state-of-the-art technical solutions and reliable liquidity providers help clients make money and enjoy the best trading conditions.
Optimize your trading with minimal costs from

High spreads and commissions do not allow you to tune in to profitable trading and reduce potential profits? With trading conditions from, you can make a profit while paying less for trading. Your reliable broker offers conditions that appeal to all traders. You can see what we offer below.

1. The lowest spreads on Forex. For several years, is in the top 5 ECN brokers with the lowest commissions and tightest spreads in the Forex market. On ECN accounts, spreads start from 0.0 pips, on STP accounts – from 0.5 pips. For the past 15 years, our spreads are among the lowest in the industry.

2. Cashback program: up to $100 per trade. Cashback is paid for each trade, including losing ones. The amount of cashback depends on the total margin used on all trading accounts. The program is automatically available to all clients within 90 days from the date of registration at Important: you can fully withdraw cashback or use it for trading.

3. Reduced commission on ECN accounts. offers a special promo campaign for ECN account holders. You can get a trading commission of only $1. For professional traders with large trading volumes, we can provide an additional individual discount on ECN commission.

4. No commission for credit/debit card deposits. You can make deposits to your trading accounts from debit/credit cards with 0% commission. There is no commission for deposits in the most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, BitcoinCash and Ethereum.

Are you looking for a broker with minimal costs? Try all the advantages of profitable trading with the broker.
Why ECN accounts are popular among traders in 2019

Today, ECN technology is no longer something new in Forex. Professional traders and investors are increasingly choosing ECN accounts. Why ECN technology is considered the leading trend in the global financial markets industry in 2019 and what are the advantages of ECN accounts at

Reason #1. Technical component. Algorithmic trading systems are increasingly used by traders around the world. They are effective and can significantly reduce the time spent on trading, while maintaining the stability of earnings. However, the more new robots and expert advisors are developed, the higher the requirements for speed and quality of transaction processing at the best market price. ECN technology meets all the requirements of the most modern applications for algorithmic trading.

For example, ECN accounts provide almost instantaneous order processing speed—200-300 ms, which allows you to respond to any fluctuations in the market at lightning speed.

Reason #2. The tendency to reduce risks. Over the past few years, recognized global regulators in the Forex market have set the trend to reduce risks for market participants, including the leverage size and other parameters. On ECN accounts, traders can choose leverage from 1:200 to 1:500 and set the order volume. cooperates only with reliable liquidity providers, which ensures the execution of clients' orders for any trading instrument in the portfolio and for any trading volume.

Reason #3. ECN technology: Forex for professionals. Trading conditions of ECN accounts perfectly meet the requirements of professional traders. First, we offer tight spreads, which means low trading costs. is in the top 5 ECN brokers with the tightest spreads and lowest trading commissions.

In addition to ultra-fast order execution speed and the absence of requotes, traders can choose the type of account that is most suitable for their trading: Basic, Advanced or Premium. The choice of three accounts allows us to make the advantages of ECN technology available to all market participants—you can start trading with only $200. You can find the trading conditions for the three types of ECN accounts below.

Bonus from individual discount on commission for large trading volumes on ECN account. The discount is determined individually for each client: the greater the trading volume in lots per month, the greater the discount. We also take into account the deposit amount. You can get from 10% to 50% discount on commission.

Reason #4. Safety first. What is ECN technology? In the ECN trading system, the conflict of interest is completely excluded. The broker gets a percentage of the trading commission and is therefore interested in clients trading and earning. That is why ECN technology provides the best conditions for profitable trading. ECN technology also ensures the confidentiality of traders' data and the security of transactions: transactions are transferred directly to the interbank market. was one of the first to use ECN technology on Forex. We have been providing reliable and safe trading conditions for 15 years. Open an ECN account and make sure that ECN is really profitable and safe!
ECN spread statistics from April 2019

Dear Clients, has proved to be a loyal partner in the financial market. We perfectly understand that the main advantage of each broker is its trading environment. However, continuing to develop our own technologies, we do not forget about the support and care of our customers. You are always welcome to find something interesting for your profitable trading in the list of our promotional campaigns. And finally, if you have any questions, our specialists from support department will always be happy to assist you.

Now in order to remind you about our constantly improving trading conditions, we would like to draw your attention to the statistics of average spreads on ECN-accounts for the previous month.

Average spreads for April 2019:

(March’19 spreads are shown in brackets)

Still in doubt about the competitiveness of our trading conditions? Test it yourself without exposing your funds to risks.

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Your premier ECN broker,
Unique opportunity to make money on free copying of signals from

Copying signals on the MQL service allows traders to achieve higher trading results without increasing the time spent on trading. If you are a client, you can buy the most profitable trading signals and copy provider's trades to your account for free. compensates up to $50 of the subscription cost for the first month.

Who can benefit from the ‘Try signals for free’ promo campaign?

- Novice traders. Forex novices sometimes need tips and help from more experienced traders, because it is difficult to determine how to act in the Forex market when they do not have trading experience. With MQL signals, you can make profits easier and faster by learning from professional traders!

- Experienced traders and professionals. Not all market participants have the opportunity to spend time on regular and in-depth analysis of market information. In this case, subscribing to trading signals will save you a lot of time and help you get even more profit.

Interested? Check if you are ready to earn more with the checklist of the first month of subscription from

What should you pay attention to when choosing a trading signal provider? The MQL signal service provides all the necessary statistics: price per month, total growth, net profit, number of subscribers, total equity, maximum drawdown, percentage of profitable and losing trades and much more. You should carefully review all available information before choosing a supplier. A systematic approach to choosing a provider will make your investment a success.

Take advantage of the promo campaign from and invest your money in signals of experienced traders—do not miss the chance to make trading even more profitable. Open an account with and get $50 compensation for the best MQL signals.
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Forex for legal entities: what are the benefits and what can offer?

There are more and more traders for whom Forex is a source of constant and stable income and who make a personal business out of partnership programs offered by brokers. But not everyone knows that there is an opportunity to register an account on behalf of a legal entity. In this post, will tell you about the benefits of Forex for legal entities.

Registering an account on behalf of a legal entity takes no more time than regular account registration. Forex opens up several important advantages for businesses, for example, increased confidentiality of operations and reduced deductions to tax authorities.

Forex provides businesses with the opportunity to earn profits and diversify the risks of other activities. The account of legal entity is additionally protected from fraud, which allows you to safely trade and operate large amounts of money. Forex can help you earn extra income for your core business. Forex trading can be used as a safety cushion that provides diversification of risks and can cover holes in the budget, if any.

Registration of an account on Forex by legal entities is not so popular yet, but according to statistics, up to 5% of active accounts at belong to legal entities. Businesses from around the world register accounts with us: EU countries, Asia, Russia, etc. Please note that we do not provide services to US legal entities.

Here are the benefits that provides to legal entities:

Access to the interbank market. All trades are processed based on the Market Execution model, which guarantees that all transactions are transferred to the real interbank market. As a result, the trades of clients are always executed at the best price, and the conflict of interest between the broker and the client—in this case, a legal entity—is completely excluded.

15 years of impeccable reputation and the lowest costs. Commissions and spreads on Forex can become an obstacle for a business to enter the financial markets industry. is in the TOP 5 brokers offering the lowest spreads and commissions. We are constantly working to improve the trading conditions for our clients.

Discounts on large trading volumes. If your company trades large volumes, can offer special commission rates—individual discounts on commissions that will make trading even more profitable.

Choose a reliable broker with an impeccable reputation and help your business grow with! we regularly pay profits since 2004.
How to make money on partnership with step-by-step instructions and tips for new partners

Forex partnership programs allow you to get additional stable income. offers partnership terms that will help you make it your full-fledged online business. You can start building your partner empire with social networks and your personal blog. In this post, will tell you how to do it in just a few steps and share tricks on how to become a successful partner.

How to start attracting referrals? Just chat! Are you popular on social networks and like to chat? Do you have your own blog, website or YouTube channel? Tell your friends and subscribers about, post referral links and share relevant information. The more referrals you attract, the greater your earnings! You can start by bringing your friends and acquaintances if they are interested in Forex—this is not prohibited. Please note that there is a restriction: any coincidence of name, address, phone number, etc. is regarded as an attempt to earn money through the creation of fictitious referral accounts.

If your partners attract new referrals, you get a double benefit! There are 3 levels of partner remuneration in the partnership program. You not only can receive a commission for each transaction of your direct referrals, but also get rewards from your direct referral's referrals (level 2 partnership) and traders attracted by level 2 referrals (level 3 partnership). reputation works for you! Broker's reputation is always an important aspect that affects the success of partnership activities. Why is attractive for professional traders and investors?

• Variety of trading accounts: ECN, STP and Crypto.
• Instant order processing at a speed of 200-300 ms.
• Access to trading 52 currency pairs, gold, silver and cryptocurrencies (43 trading instruments).
• No trading restrictions on high-frequency trading, the time of holding an open position, hedging, the maximum number of traded lots. Algotrading, scalping and HFT trading are allowed.
• Automatic slippage control mechanism.
• No claims from clients for 15 years— is in the Forex market since 2004.

Become a partner of a progressive and dynamic broker and build your profitable online business!
ECN spread statistics from for May 2019

Dear Clients,

European heat wave is here, but our team did not even think about slowing down our working pace. There are so many opportunities we can offer you to increase your capital during this hot summer season.

Are you an FX-trader and looking for a reliable ECN-broker to start trading with on beneficial terms? Then is what you are looking for. is a top broker with client-oriented services and one of the best trading environments in the Forex market.

We have always something to offer our clients and to satisfy needs of the most sophisticated trader. Participate in our unique promotional campaigns, start trading now and benefit with our CashBack, check our daily analytics to stay up-to-date with the Forex market. And this is only a small part of what we can offer our clients.

However, we understand that trading conditions are the most important part of each broker’s services, so we continue to work and improve our trading environment. And now we are proudly presenting you our average spreads on ECN-accounts for the previous month, which perfectly reflect the quality of our services.

Average spreads for May 2019:

(April’19 spreads are shown in brackets)

Still in doubt about the competitiveness of our trading conditions? Test it yourself without exposing your funds to risks.

Register in and get Welcome Bonus of $15 to STP-account!

Become our client and take advantage of the full range of our services.

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Your premier ECN broker,
Why does monitor its trading accounts on Myfxbook and how is the service useful for traders?

Professional Forex traders are familiar with many special services useful for traders. Myfxbook is one of the most popular ones. This platform brings together brokers, traders and investors providing assistance in the analysis and testing of trading systems. The service is free. What is Myfxbook and how it can be useful for traders?

Why is Myfxbook useful for traders?

• You can analyze your own trading system and other traders' trading systems if they have provided access to their statistics.
• You can test your trading strategies.
• You can combine trading systems and strategies.

What information about the broker do traders get from Myfxbook?

Access to broker spreads. You can compare spreads of many brokers in real time. Their history is stored for three days. This data also helps to analyze spread widening during the release of important news. provides monitoring of its ECN/STP accounts on Myfxbook. You can check the spread statistics:

Quotes for various currency pairs. You can compare quotes from different brokers. By default, the table of quotes contains the main currency pairs, but you can add other pairs in settings.
Swap values. You have access to all data on swaps. It’s a good opportunity to choose the lowest or highest currency swaps.
Market liquidity of brokers on various trading instruments. Traders can monitor the current state of the market and see whether the volatility is high or low. The more transactions are made, the higher the liquidity.

How can Myfxbook help assess broker reliability?

You can see a table of all existing offers from brokers on the Brokers tab on Myfxbook. You can filter brokers by multiple parameters: STP/ECN accounts, minimum deposit, swap-free accounts and even supported languages. The site publishes honest reviews of brokers and comments from their clients, which also helps you to check the reliability of the broker you like (if the statistics is public). broker provides access to its statistics. focuses on high standards of the Forex industry and seeks to constantly improve its trading conditions. At the same time, it’s important for the company to ensure transparency of transactions. Open statistics is the best proof of the broker's honesty and impeccable reputation. Therefore, recommends using Myfxbook as an analytical tool. This way you can make sure that you’ve made the right choice.

For 15 years, has not received any complaints from clients. Open an account and see for yourself that reliable Forex trading is possible!
Friday on Forex! What you need to know about the last trading day of the week

According to statistics, Friday is the most expected day of the week. This is quite a calm day, because there are two days off and many plans ahead. But how does this day affect the Forex industry? In today’s post, we’ll discuss all the nuances of Friday trading.

Check the economic calendar. Friday can be the most unpredictable day of the week: the American session is in full swing and can often provide new opportunities for making a profit. At 12:30–13:30 UTC important statistics on the state of the economy are published in the United States. For example, non-farm payrolls data is released every first Friday of the month. This can significantly affect the movement of the dollar. If there is an event with a maximum level of importance in the calendar, this is a reason to focus your attention on it.

Possible trading tips for Monday. In the afternoon, there is a movement that can shed light on the impulses at the start of a new trading week. If after 12:00 UTC, before the markets close, the price grows clearly and stably, then most likely it will continue to grow on Monday, and vice versa. The fact is that at this time large market players buy or sell because of their confidence that nothing will happen over the weekend.

Important! Statistics show that Friday is often the minimum or maximum point of the weekly candle.

No one can stay away from unexpected news. Foreign exchange markets operate 24/5, and most traders prefer to close their trades before the weekend, fearing a sharp price movement amid unexpected news.

Whether to make a break in currency trading for the weekend or not, you should decide for yourself. If you prefer trading 24/7 but don't want to risk your deposit on an "uncontrolled" weekend, offers 24-hour cryptocurrency trading 7 days a week! always seeks to provide the best trading conditions to traders.

Make a profit any day of the week with a reliable broker – 15 years of impeccable reputation in the Forex market!
Metals trading: trade silver with

Despite the fact that the most popular metal for trading on Forex is gold, silver also attracts the attention of experienced traders. This precious metal is often used by traders and investors who prefer volatile assets, but with little risk to capital. Today, will tell why professional traders choose silver and what are the nuances when trading this metal.

There are several important advantages of trading silver on Forex. There are many reasons why this metal has been traded on Forex for many years.

Good income in the long run. When you are just starting to trade metals, you should open positions with silver of small volumes. In the long run, trading metals brings profit: the fact is that silver is actively used in industry (45% of world reserves), which ensures a steady increase in demand amid depletion of world reserves.

High volatility means excellent prospects for high returns. During the year, fluctuations in the price of silver can reach 60-80%. At the same time, the level of risk is not as high as in cases of trading cryptocurrencies or other highly volatile trading instruments. The relative stability of the silver price provides reliability and predictability of trade.

Ease of trading. Although you can trade metals 24/7, traders who choose to trade silver should remember that the peak of liquidity is the hours of simultaneous operation of the European and New York markets. The closure of the American session is accompanied by a decrease in liquidity.

Expansion of trade borders and protection in times of crisis. Traders use silver as one of additional tools to expand their trading portfolio and multiply capital. In addition, like gold, silver can be considered a "safe haven" of Forex in times of crisis. It can help to keep the trader's own funds in the account.

Predictable price movement. Numerous external factors affect the silver exchange rate: the dollar, the price of oil, the state of the world economy, trade relations of the major economies, etc. This knowledge allows you to predict the price movement and make money even on the slightest price fluctuations.

Conditions for trading metals at

• Trading on two types of accounts: ECN and STP. Direct access to the interbank market with an instant execution speed of 200-300 ms.
• Tight spreads. is in the top 5 ECN/DMA brokers with the tightest spreads in the Forex market. The average spread for XAG/USD is 0.7.
• High leverage of 1:500 allows you to make a profit even with a small deposit, because the minimum deposit on the STP account is only $50.
• No trading restrictions. sets no restrictions on trading strategies. Traders can use automated trading, hedging, scalping, etc.
• Security of trading. The MT4 trading platform provides a slippage protection mechanism.

Test the best conditions for trading silver and increase your chances to succeed on Forex with a reliable broker!
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Which ECN account is perfect for your trading?

ECN technology has long been popular among Forex market participants as an advanced order processing system without conflict of interest. offers three types of ECN accounts for trading metals and Forex instruments: Basic, Advanced and Premium ECN accounts.

Find your perfect ECN account at

When choosing an ECN account, it is important to consider your trading strategy, initial capital and overall trading experience. The illustration below shows our recommendations on how to choose the type of ECN account at You can open several ECN trading accounts for different trading strategies.

Why do professional traders choose ECN accounts?

At, traders' orders are processed based on the Market Execution model, which provides access to interbank liquidity. We also ensure ultra-fast order execution speed — 150-300 ms — without requotes or restrictions on trading strategies. You are free to choose your trading style!

We provide good trading conditions on all types of ECN accounts. You can use any trading strategy without limitations. You can install One Click Trading Level2 plugin that provides access to the depth of market and allows you to open orders at the best available price.

Low trading costs. is in the top 5 ECN/DMA brokers with the tightest spreads and lowest commissions in the Forex industry. This keeps your trading costs to a minimum. If you trade large volumes, the company is ready to reduce the commission on an individual basis.

Deep liquidity, instant execution and no conflict of interest. Choose an ECN account and build your successful Forex career with!
Trading capital: successful start and possibility to make a profit with

Many traders would ask what capital is optimal for efficient and successful trading. There is no answer to this question that would suit everyone - it all depends on your capabilities, experience and broker. The myth that successful Forex trading requires large amounts of money has long been dispelled. Today, is ready to share additional tips on how professional and novice traders can increase their trading capital and make trading even more efficient.

For novice traders. Different brokers have different minimum deposit requirements. It’s better to start with a minimum deposit and gradually increase it while gaining experience. At the initial stage, your main task is to learn how to properly manage your funds, and then make a profit. At, the minimum deposit is only $10.

How can a newbie increase his deposit at

• Keep an eye on bonuses and promotions. For example, you can get a Welcome bonus of $15 by registering an STP account with You can learn more about the terms of the campaign on our website.
• Leverage up to 1:500 - great opportunity to make a profit with a small deposit.

For professional traders. The potential income of professional traders is often calculated not in numbers, but as a percentage, and the earnings directly depend on the turnover. Each professional trader chooses the most suitable strategy for himself: someone prefers a stable but small income, others trade big volumes.

How can an experienced trader increase his working capital at

Use PAMM Service. If you are confident in your trading skills and get regular profits, then investments from other traders can serve as additional working capital. Register on the PAMM platform and start trading. Good statistics of your trading can bring you profit and inspire confidence in new investors. When you manage a PAMM account, you get not only your own profit, but also remuneration from Followers' accounts.

The size of the trading capital is one of the most important aspects of Forex trading. broker offers you several additional options to keep and increase your deposit:

1. Cashback program. It allows traders to get cashback for any transactions including loss-making ones. provides one of the highest amounts of cashback - up to 150% of the basic partner commission (percentage of the trading commission equal to 2.4 pips per trade on STP account in 5-digit quotes format and 15% of commission on ECN and Crypto accounts). The process of crediting payments is automated, you don’t need to register on third-party services.

2. Partnership program. For many traders, the Forex partnership program has become a personal business that brings a stable income. values its partners. We offer 3 levels of partner remuneration, timely payments and good commissions - up to $100 from each transaction made by referrals.

3. Bonuses and promotions. offers several promo campaigns that can help you increase your deposit and get the best conditions for trading and depositing funds. Please learn more about campaigns on our website.

Open a trading account with a reliable broker and reach the heights of the Forex market! – reliability and profits in the Forex market since 2004!
ECN spread statistics from for August 2019

Dear Clients,

Summer is over, but we did not even think about slowing down our FX-expansion during the hot season. There are so many opportunities we can offer you to increase your capital during autumn, when market participants and liquidity return to the market.

Are you an FX-trader and looking for a reliable ECN-broker to start trading with on beneficial terms? Then is what you are looking for. is a top broker with client-oriented services and one of the best trading environments in the Forex market.

We have always something to offer our clients and to satisfy needs of the most sophisticated trader. Participate in our unique promotional campaigns, start trading now and benefit with our CashBack or enjoy one of the lowest trading commission across the market with ECN premium account. And this is only a small part of what we can offer our clients.

However, we understand that trading conditions are the most important part of each broker’s services, so we continue to work and improve our trading environment. And now we are proudly presenting you our average spreads on ECN-accounts for the previous month, which perfectly reflect the quality of our services.

Average spreads for August 2019:
(July ’19 spreads are shown in brackets)

Still in doubt about the competitiveness of our trading conditions? Test it yourself without exposing your funds to risks.

Register in and get Welcome Bonus of $15 to STP-account!

Become our client and take advantage of the full range of our services.

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Your premier ECN broker,
Metals trading: gold trading opportunities with

Today, gold prices showed growth in the Asian session following the assumptions of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell about a possible slowdown in the US economy. Gold has been the so-called “safe haven” of the Forex market for many years, providing traders with safe earnings even in times of crisis.

Due to forecasts of imminent default in the United States, tensions between the two largest economies in the world and general market concerns about the global economy, gold again falls on the radar of clients.

Do not miss the golden profit and make money with the reliable broker! adds UnionPay to its payment options

Dear clients,

we are pleased to announce, that has added China UnionPay (CUP) to the list of payment options for depositing and withdrawing funds. CUP is available for clients from China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

UnionPay is one of the largest card payment organization in the world offering mobile and online payments, based on total value of payment transactions it is ahead of Visa and MasterCard.

In order to fund your eWallet, please log into personal area and proceed to “Add funds” section selecting UnionPay as your transaction method.

Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK.

Your premier ECN broker,
Types of Forex traders: which one are you?

Each person is unique, and his identity is the key to real success. This applies to any aspect of life, including trading in the Forex market. Each trader has his own trading methods that determine his position in the market. Despite the variety of trading strategies and methods, trading styles can be classified according to several basic criteria. Do you know what type of trader you are? Let's look at the types of traders in more detail with!

What type of trader are you in terms of decision making?

Intuitive trader. This trader does not take into account the opinions of others and relies not on his own knowledge and experience, but on the “sixth sense” and intuition. An inner instinct tells him when to enter a trade, and someone else's opinion does not matter to him.
Trader analyst. The market entry point is always supported by technical and fundamental analysis tools. The trader relies solely on his knowledge and experience and analyzes market events using special methods.
Instinct-driven trader. Decisions are most often made in a fit of emotion. Such traders can “jump into a moving train” after seeing any fluctuations on the chart.

Tell us what type of trading you prefer, and we’ll tell you what kind of trader you are.

Scalping. This strategy involves intraday operations in which the position is closed after reaching a profit of several points. Another feature is trading in liquid instruments. But this does not mean that scalpers spend only a few minutes a day to trade. In search of profitable deals, they can be at the computer for days watching the market. Their strength is the ability to think analytically and make decisions quickly.
Day trading. This trader is on the market throughout the day and does not leave positions open after the session is closed. Often day traders tend to earn more profit from small fluctuations using a small chart timeframe from 1 to 15 minutes. Day traders make a profit on price fluctuations in the near future that he can predict. Preferred instruments: Euro, dollar, British pound and Japanese yen.
Swing trading. These are traders who trade on price fluctuations. They open several transactions within a few days—the transaction closes when it becomes profitable and remains safe in case of price movements.
Position trading. This is a long-term strategy: trades remain open for several weeks, possibly months or even a year. Time is the main significant advantage of the trader. There is no need to keep track of charts and news every minute. Position traders stay focused, have patience and are not prone to impulsive decisions.

The choice of strategy is an individual matter of the trader. does its best to make trading convenient for all types of traders and for all strategies! And we can prove it, see for yourself:

• No trading restrictions. sets no restrictions on: high-frequency trading, the time of holding an open position, hedging and/or locking, sending positions to the market, the maximum number of traded lots, minimum Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, the volume of pending orders, the use of automated Forex systems, robots or trading advisors, the number of open orders per unit time.
• Instantaneous execution speed of 200-300 ms.
• One of the lowest spreads in the Forex industry. broker is in the top 5 ECN/DMA brokers with the narrowest spreads and lowest commissions in the Forex market.
• The minimum deposit is only 50 USD; the leverage is up to 1:500.
• Slippage protection mechanism in the MT4 terminal allows you to make a profit and keep the deposit in case of a sharp change in price. - comfortable conditions for all types of traders!