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Welcome to Excel Share Limited

At Excel Share Limited, our mission is to help companies become global leaders in their respective markets. We provide early-stage capital to entrepreneurs, and growth equity to fast-growing companies in the IT industry and Oil industry.

Post investment, we leverage our global network to help portfolio companies develop and refine their strategic direction, recruit and retain management talent, establish distribution channels and partnerships, access reference accounts, secure follow-on financing and expand geographically.

We are also active in helping US companies enter the European market.

Excel Share Limited
1700 Pacific Ave, Suite 1880
Dallas, TX 75201


The minimum is $1000, and there is no fixed income like HYIP.. This one is trading the share, like we trade on the Stock Market.
Actually there is no guarantee to get RoI.. You can lose money just like trading in stock market.. This company does not use any online Payment Processor, but using Bank Transfer.
Let us see some company registry info. and some certificates....will trie to comtact thru their mail ...will post here if i get some stuff.
cyberdesignz said:
Its all right but initial invest is a bit high and what about the risks involved in it?
The first risk, it is not like HYIP that offering Fixed interest, it is like trading on Stock Market, you can lose on the trading..
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