Euro Vs Dollar

The weekend’s news that the Eurozone had agreed a 30bn loan facility for Greece has helped to propel the eurodollar overnight to trade in the USD13650 region, a significant gap up on Friday evening’s close at USD$1.3498.
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I read that the US dollar climbed against the euro for the fourth day, gaining 0.75% to close at EUR1.32854.

I thik this is because in the Europe new data from Greece now shows a budget deficit of 13.6% of GDP, not the 12.7% first reported. Eurostat, which was given new data by Greece.
the euro is losing ground against the US dollar and the US dollar is seen much better against major currencies and I could see that the economic recovery of US is on a good path and things are becoming quite better and I wish everything will be alrite at stock markets in the near future...

good luck investors.....our days are back again...
Well... I have no idea with this situation.
Just made " short " position with this pair.
And probably they go to 1.3050 when london market open....


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Currently, the Euro is taking a dive over a dive, almost like a SCUBA diver... I hardly expect the Euro to go back up at this rate as it is tempting to assume that we are closer to breaking out below 1.2300 soon as for the past 3 days, almost 600 points have been swallowed.
euro has recovered and seemed to be quite bright against the US dollar... good news...but will this recovery of EURO will continue??

I might not
Yea, Dollar rocks. I have seen that the Dollar trading counts lower then the Yen but it seems to be higher in comparison to the commodities of other major currencies. There was a great fall shown in the US equities and commodities along with interest rates and in gold prices because of the high pressure of deflation in US financial market.
yes its doing good right now.. but i have seen the euro rose against the dollar as stung by a new round of worries that the euro zone's debt crisis could spread after Spain's central bank took over a small savings bank.
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I see that the markets are pretty steady in the last trading day of the month and activities will probably remain low with US and UK on holiday today.

I expect some actions tomorrow with the open of the market.
US market opened and started off its tuesday on a bad note as energy shares slid after the latest failed attempt to halt the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico
I have read that in the US economy, it was predicted yesterday that the US companies are ready to launch 70,000 jobs as the initial jobless came fells to 455,000 from the previous 460,000.
our's is peso. dollar is getting weak and it's bad for me as i earn dollar instead of our own currency. a dollar once worth 50 pesos but now it' around 43. as well as those filipinos that work in the usa. i think they better come back home.
Bad times are yet to come for EURO-Zone so I believe we are yet to see new lows for EUR/USD which might be upto 1.15 but if that level does break down so get ready for 1.10 or even 1.00 levels quite soon.Greece and Spain concerns are yet to solve and Hungary having problems too.So lets see what happens.
asd214 said:
our's is peso. dollar is getting weak and it's bad for me as i earn dollar instead of our own currency. a dollar once worth 50 pesos but now it' around 43. as well as those filipinos that work in the usa. i think they better come back home.

yes true dollar is getting weaker and weaker. Dollar was seen weak against the yen and euro as still reeling from a less-bullish outlook on the U.S. economy by the Federal Reserve the previous session. While on the other hand euro's rise, however, was partly limited by steep losses in the US stock market.
I think the dollar will continue to be the currency of power over changes in the world .. including the currency in my country ... because everyone knows if the current dollar became the world's benchmark ...
The Euro weakened slightly versus the Dollar after climbing to an 8 week high during the session as European Central Bank President Jean Claude Trichet said the economic recovery is gathering momentum. The EUR/USD has been trading upwards since last week and has broken its resistance levels on the daily chart at 1.2500, therefore the momentum is bullish and As long as the price is above 1.2500 a long position is preferred. The 10 period daily moving averages support a long trend as well. Overall, EUR/USD traded with a low of 1.2608 and with a high of 1.2722. No economic data expected today.
dollar became the currency of the world beyond the euro because of the history of yore when all countries agree to make the dollar into a currency that can be used in all countries in the world ... if you want to beat the dollar throughout the country in the world must create a new consensus about the currency used