Do you profer stable or new hyip?

Hi. Im newbie in Hyips. I want to ask you a question. Should I invest to program which is new (how new?) or rather to program which is stable.
I would like to obey this monitors:

So which list should I prefer? List of the most stable programs, list of the fastest growing programs or list of the most searched programs? Or something else?

What do you prefer?

Thank you.


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Depends. :) Any "stable" HYIP can disappear overnight. Any new HYIP could become "stable" one. There are many more factors when making decision whether to invest or not.

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Well, among others are, how high (or low) is daily payment in %. How well made is a web site. Does it have SSL, and if yes what kind and how long it lasts. Does it have social networks accounts, how many monitors (and which ones) are monitoring that HYIP, your gut feeling, etc, etc...
guess how much cost for a website. more cost, usually more stable. but there is no guarantee. for me, i prefer new site, but like mr sinip says, it depends on how well their website.