Do not ever be satisfied

all traders need a good knowledge and also should be able to increase their knowledge because only by increasing the capacity we have then we will be able to increase the revenue that we get from forex trading therefore as a trader who wants a great success must have high motivation to continue to learn and practice and should never be satisfied with the ability we have as the satisfaction we feel good and we will not be able to become a better trader
Most of people haven't satisfaction even me also don't have a satisfaction. if we get some thing we will always try for more or better one and until we get the better we will be trying and after getting the better one we will be going for even better like wise it is very simple that none of the trader will be satisfied with what they earn.
No one is ever satisfied with what they have. Which is why you will always see people with lots of money trying their best to earn even more. The drive is usually to accumulate as much money as they can. This is a drive that is good if it really does help you achieve your goal. However, some people may become too obsessed with earning as much as they can that they lose their mind and only focus on accumulating as much money as they can.
knowledge is a thing that can not make end by trading business is a huge thing . a successful trader never can say that, he have enough knowledge. cause they are not satisfied with there knowledge.
If we don't be satisfy we can make good money next time because satisfiction is the key to get success but over satisfactions is the grate mistake in Forex business.ZIt is also the reason why many trader lose their account.


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andri actually i agree with some of your statement..sometimes we need to improve from what we can gain right now..if we can gain more why need to be stuck on current earning at trade right? But we need to remember and carefull when try ti be better and avoid be greedy when earn more..we can falling down if cant control our emotion because just think more earning..i think more good to try at demo account first to getting new strategies this better than made experiment directly on live accounts..
Well, it is human nature that we would try and get the most out of our investments in everything that we do so its not easy to be satisfied. This is why one needs to be disciplined enough to trade within acceptable parameters so that they don't end up being greedy.
In forex trading we have to learn how to apply the discipline and control of psychological properties including the nature of greed, because when we've been doing automated trading using a real account of psychological factors as well as the discipline to rigorously we can apply to avoid things we do not want that cause losses.
we should be able to face the situation of trading with a cool mind. if we just satisfied with the results we get then we will cease to keep learning and will not be able to generate better profits because we know with the increasing knowledge we have and it will make a profit on the trade we can also be better.
Those who dream big and want to live big, are never satisfied from what they have got, they are always hungry to hunt more new things that will help them to get even bigger, because they tend to set targets which are always bigger then the previous ones and get committed to it to achieve them.
It sounds greedy. You try to guide other ones to be greedy, don't you? We always want to be rule-follower, rule doesn't satisfy it help me to survive in this market.
Do not getting satisfy is different thing and becoming greedy is different think trader to control greed also same time while doing trade in forex.
That's human nature, most of human are never satisfied. Why? because I'm sure you'll never get satisfied for what you have and what you get. That's normal for human. The more we get, the more we need! So there will be no end to this but that's good for us. Never satisfied keeps us motivated and pushes us to get more than before to get what we need, it's keep looping like that in human life
In other words. If you wanna get more knowledge , dont look under you.. Look over you and see how skilled traders have got rich by their experience. 1000 miles trip starts from one step.
Well knowledge is the main requirement in any kind of business and fx trading business is a bug industry. every person who is successful in this business also should be learn because no one can say that he is perfect in this.
If you want to be successful in life, you must be ready to invest in your personality. Investing in your personality means learning and training yourself for the future. So to succeed in forex requires you acquiring knowledge of forex through study.
it is important for us to note that in forex trading that we can never be satisfied because each point in time we will be learning new things because you have to understand that the forex market is volatile so there are bound to be changes each point in time.


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Not getting satisfied is a very wrong approach to Forex. It gradually turns the trader to a greedy one. Forex shouldn't be seen as a get rich quick business, rather, that which requires hardwork and patience. When a trader expects so much, he puts both himself and his capital into great pressure.


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I kind of disagree with the statement that "do not ever be satisfied" because if we are not satisfied with what we have made we would get greedy and go for more and more like this in my view we would eventually have a loss so we should try to make more but stay satisfied as well.
Decub said:
Not getting satisfied is a very wrong approach to Forex. It gradually turns the trader to a greedy one. Forex shouldn't be seen as a get rich quick business, rather, that which requires hardwork and patience. When a trader expects so much, he puts both himself and his capital into great pressure.
I think you have misunderstood the true meaning of this thread, it means that you are always learning and constantly striving to improve the experience. It is not intended you to the greed and can not control profitability or risk in forex trading