Dino Park - Game telegram earn Satoshi

Dino Park Game: Game Telegram earn money

PirateBay: https://t.me/DinoParkBot?start=243699949

1. Hire the dinosaurs, they will obtain the energy!
2. Energy will be collected, absorb it!
3. Sell the diamond and earn diamonds. You can sell your diamonds from farm, and exchange it on real money. Obtained diamonds distributes between two accounts ( Available balance and Payout balance) in next proportion: 70% to Avaliable balance and 30% to Payout balance. With the availble balance you can buy dinosaurs and with the payout balance you can request payment.
4. Exchange diamonds for real money or hire more dinosaurs to raise income.

You can obtain the bonus every 24 hours. Bonus will be payed by diamond to available balance. Bonus will be generated randomly from 50 to 200 diamonds. To claim your daily bonus, click the Bonus button on your menu. Minimum payout is 0.001 BTC (1000 diamonds).

Hired Dinosaurs bring you endless profit and are yours forever!