DDoS Protection Service #2

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We are happy to announce that we've came to a special agreement with Vistnet Corporation and now we can offer their DDoS Protection service to the HYIP industry again. Unfortunately Vistnet doesn't accept payments through Liberty Reserve, but you can buy the service by the following way:

1) Go to http://clients.vistnet.com and complete registration, please leave a note (like referred by Goldpoll/GoldenTalk) during the registration or inform us about your registration on their website;
2) Transfer a necessary amount (the price is $999 per month) to our e-currency account (it's necessary to use our account, because Vistnet doesn't accept e-currency payments directly from their customers);
3) Send us a copy of your payment transaction with email title - DDoS Protection service.

All the other issues will be handled by Vistnet. You will get all their services as it mentioned on their site as well as a free test, friendly support, etc. From our side, we will distinguish every program protected by Vistnet by placing a special "DDoS Protected" seal on GoldPoll's rating list.

Disclaimer: Hereby, Goldpoll.com endorses the services provided by Vistnet Corporation Ltd. based on our positive experience with this company's offerings. Any voluntary purchase of Vistnet DDoS Mitigation service, through this portal or reference to it, remains the sole responsibility and at own risk of the purchasing party. We cannot, and do not provide any performance guarantee, implicit or explicit, of any services endorsed herewith.
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