- Crypto Magnate, New BTC business simulator

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Crypto Magnate is an exciting online business simulator.

Only you decide whether you will be an oil tycoon or owner of a small cafe. Start your own business, buy companies and factories, sell your goods and services and withdraw your profits in real Bitcoins.

We have combined the most successful marketing solutions in the crypto segment, which will undoubtedly make our project one of the most popular and successful investment platforms. Low entry threshold gives the opportunity to earn absolutely for everyone.

You can earn by investing, by viewing ads or by inviting new users to the project.

Each new member receives a first-level company as a gift. You can test our project without your own investment. In addition, you can receive bonuses to your balance for purchases for attracting new users to the project. You will get 50 satoshi for each new referral regardless on his activity.

Each company you buy will work and make a profit for 4 months. The higher the price of the company, the higher your profit. You can buy an unlimited number of companies to maximize your income.

There is a surfing section on the project, where you can not only earn money, but advertise your project or referral link with maximum conversion and at a low price.

Invite your friends and acquaintances to the game! You will receive 5% of each deposit of your referral. In addition, you will receive 50 Satoshi for each user who registers with your referral link.

We regularly provide competitions for investors and partners. Every day we also distribute bonuses for visiting our site.


Low entry cost for investors
The ability to earn without investment
Many ways to earn
Low advertising prices
No deposit welcome bonus for each new user
Additional bonuses in amount of 50 satoshi for each new referral
5% referral commission
Daily bonuses and contests

Min deposit - 0.0005 BTC
Min withdraw - 0.001 BTC

Plans: from 11% to 20% monthly for 4 months