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Paid-To-Click has finally evolved! Worldwide! By combining the simplicity of the PTC model with the leveraged earnings of a 10-Level Network Marketing structure, ClixZing is in a category by itself. Choosing the best features of both worlds, ClixZing brings more effective advertising and higher income potential to both our members and our clients. In addition, we've introduced a Multi-Level Residual Income Factor for long-term wealth creation.

There are 8 levels of memberships available to suit every budget and goal, starting with the free membership level. Each level will allow members to capitalize on money and commissions from their downline, to a maximum of 10 levels deep. Getting "Paid-to-Click" has never been so profitable.

The exponential growth and sheer earning potential in ClixZing is staggering!
Earn up to 3 Cents a click (PTC)
Earn .5 cent for each email (PTR)
8 Membership Levels
Earn click income from up to 10 referral levels
Earn residual commissions from up to 10 levels deep

Earn income from both paid AND free downline members
ALL members earn money at ClixZing
All new developments will be included in the 10-level structure (build once, earn forever)


Accept: Alert Pay


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It sure is a different ptc as the other ptc sites around. I have joined as well and let's see what this program can do for us. I hope that it can be a good one and hope that this one is worthy of our time and effort. Cheers!


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this one have a very good program, aside from earning from your click there are other ways to earn too..but sad to say i am not actively clicking their ads lol maybe my referral got frustrated with my activity because i frequently forgot to click
Here is the latest update, I think is great news that they will add Paid To Sign Up offers, that is a really a big, big plus
this will really increase our income.

I don't know what CZPPA's are but if it adds additional income, then its also welcome.

The goal of 500,000 by the end of the year I think is a bit underestimated but we will see.


Please take a moment to login to your ClixZing account and:

1 – Submit your PTC Ads
2 – Submit your PTR Ads
3 – Submit your Text ads
4 – Submit your Banner ads

Your CZ referral URL is:

You can find banners, text and solo ads to promote ClixZing located under the Promotional Tools section in your CZ back office.

Over 23,480 have joined ClixZing since we launched!

Keep spreading the word. It only takes a few free and paid referrals to start seeing the exponential growth start to build underneath you. Our goal is to have over 500,000 members in ClixZing by the end of 2011!

Watch for updates as we are working on adding PTSU’s and CZPPA’s as the next additional Income Generators that will also be factored in to the up to 10 level deep comp plan at ClixZing!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend dirson eduardo!

The ClixZing Admin Team

PS: Send a message to your Direct Referrals. Let them know to get active, upgrade, and also to submit their ads!!!
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ClixZing Not Just another PTC Website (Good News Update)
This will be good for all the ClixZing Members, so make sure to read it.
The MINIMUM CASHOUT / WITHDRAWAL for FREE / STANDARD Members is addresed here.

I sent in a Support ticket raising some concerns about ClixZing and the compensation plan for FREE / Standard members and I am glad I did.
Here I want to share with you the amazing reply that I received from one of the Administration / Support team. What we see now is only the tip of the iceberg.

Thank you for your input !

We are a PTC, that is true – but we are MORE than a PTC – We are a COMPANY (not just an admin team)
with ADVERTISING for all online business models!

We are also an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company, that provides income through advertising clicks
and eventually signups and cost per action tasks.

We pay on 10 levels deep depending on membership , so we lean more toward MLM but PTC, PTR right
now are the products (advertising).

We are adding: Paid To Signup, Company Paid to Action, Paid To View Video, Paid to Text (Cellphone) and
publisher/advertising code for websites (like Google Adsense, but we pay 10 levels deep dependent on membership)
Every Income Generator we add, is added to the 10 level deep system.

We are adding a testimonial page soon, and we are also adding a way to Instant Message upline and downline. Right
now we have an internal email system, and by Monday, if you get an email from your upline, you will be able to
respond to that email as well, that is being added.

We are changing the face of Paid To sites completely – We are causing a New Trend, and Paid To Sites will NEVER
be the same

When we have other Income Generators added other than PTR and PTC (Paid to signup etcc as shown above) , Even freebee
members, at $20 min payout, will earn allot faster, and if they bring in 10 or 20 others who click daily, well, enough
said, free members can earn on level 1 as well – and if they upgrade to BRONZE or above, now they are earning on more than
1 level of advertising.

We are NOT your typical Paid to site…. we are changing the face of this business, and so far, in just 9 days, its a
HUGE Success because people are seeing the difference and promoting their referral links

If you want to stick to the old 5 cents a day, maybe 20 cents if ad’s are present, and all the rules, like, wait a week
here, wait a month there, click 5 ads to earn 0.0003 cents on 1 ad, then by all means, these members/workers don’t have too
join, but we see FREE MEMBERS making 10 to 20 cents a day already, and these are not INVESTORS as its put, or promoters (as the real
term is) , just regular people, who see the power of Clixzing and started to not only CLICK ads, but promote as well.

By the way, we are adding MORE Clicks allowed up the line, including free members , so by next week, more than 6 clicks for free members and more for every membership level will be added, not sure exactly how many yet, our Meeting Monday with owners will decide

(you have my permission to copy and paste this response to any forum WITHOUT changing my response)

Thank you

Phil Stevens
DGNS Support Team

PS. Pennies ad up, if you double a penny every other day, how much will you have in 60 days?
If you are a member of ClixZing, I am pretty sure you are as excited as I am about this update.
For questions feel free to contact me!

Kind Regards
Dirson Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)
** Latest Update ***
Hi strosdegoz,

ClixZing keeps zooming along… now with over 26,300 members and growing. We are well on the way to reaching our goal of 500,000 members by the end of 2011 and becoming one of the premier PTC type programs online today!

As many of you probably had seen over the past week, we unfortunately had some issues with the website loading very slowly for large parts of each day. Well, we are happy to announce that these issues have now been resolved! After countless hours of our development team working around the clock, the ClixZing pages are breaking new records in speed (lol, maybe a SLIGHT exaggeration)!

Please join us TODAY on one of our calls at either 11am EST or 8pm EST as we will be giving updates right after the 20 minute CZ Overview.

Also, we have finally finished the new Getting Started video and 13 Tutorial Videos. We are hopeful that our development team will get these placed on the back office pages with the next couple of days. These of course will be a HUGE help to every current and new member joining ClixZing moving forward.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please make sure you log in to your account and:

1 – Submit your Paid to Click ads (PTC)
2 – Submit your Paid to Click ads (PTR)
3 – Submit your Text Ads
4 – Submit your Banner Ads

Every single member in ClixZing has ad credits, please use them!!!

There are over 26,300 eager members waiting to see your offer PLUS, with over 100,000 plus unique (real people) visitors visiting ClixZing daily, all your ads will be receiving massive additional exposure from the outside pages of ClixZing!

If you have referred any members to ClixZing, check your Downline Stats page!

This downline stats page has a never been done before in ANY type of program, one of a kind, “Fear of Loss” system built in to it! The downline stats page updates once daily!

Your referral url is:

Remember strosdegoz, every single member you refer (free and paid) to ClixZing can earn you money!

We have members that have referred from 1 free member on up to over 1,500 members to their direct level (level 1) already. All it takes is ONE direct referral (free or paid) to start seeing exponential growth start below in levels 2 thru 10! We have already seen members earning upwards of $24 dollars a day just from downline clicks (their free and paid members clicking) and upgrades! $24 a day = $720 per month and over $8,760 per year. And this can only continue to grow as there is never any downline loss in ClixZing.

ClixZing is simply the easiest program anyone will ever promote and build PLUS the advertising on ClixZing is outstanding!

strosdegoz, join us on today’s calls: as we will be giving out some BIG important updates. Remember, we can only hold up to 1,000 on each call so be sure to register early to reserve your seat. These calls fill up quickly!

The ClixZing Admin team
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Hi strosdegoz,

We JUST broke 30,100 total members in ClixZing today in just the first 16 full days of being open worldwide! At this pace we should be able to reach 40,000 to 50,000 members within the first 30 days.

Here is your referral URL:

You can log in to ClixZing at: with your username: strosdegoz

strosdegoz, Here are a few important quick updates:

1 – When you log in to your member back office, you will notice a new layout on the getting started page which will help you navigate a little better through the getting started phase.

2 – We just added NEW Tutorial Videos for all aspects of the PTC, PTR, Text and Banner sections.

3 – We just updated the daily call schedule for this up coming week. With over 30,100 members, please be sure to pre-register early for these calls as we can only hold up to 1,000 on the line per online call. This schedule can be found on your getting started page in your member back office.

4 – We are currently working on a NEW video that will be placed on the front page of ClixZing for visitors and potential NEW members that are looking to join ClixZing, to view! This should be ready within one week from now if all goes well.

5 – We have 2 more additional income generators that will be going in to development and be added to the 10 level deep compensation plan of ClixZing. PTSU’s (Paid-to-sign-ups) and CZPPA’s (ClixZing Pay-Per-Action). These should be incorporated within the next 30 days as we continue to move forward.

PTSU – Depending on your membership level, you will be able to earn from $0.10 cents up to $0.30 cents for signing up to programs being offered by CZ members.

CZPPA – Depending on your membership level, you will be able to earn from $0.05 cents up to $1.50 for doing specified actions asked by big name companies such as MasterCard, Walmart, etc….

6 – If you have referred anyone, make sure you are checking out your Downline Stats page once per day. Remember, there is NO DOWNLINE loss EVER in ClixZing, your downline can only continue to GROW! This downline stats page is a first of its kind and can help increase your earning potentials in ClixZing.

dirson eduardo, please remember to submit your PTC, PTR, Text and Banner ads! Over 30,100 want to see what you have to offer!

We hope that you had a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you on this weeks online calls.

The ClixZing Admin Team
Another company update, it contains lots of information read through!
Hi strosdegoz

Over 31,000 have registered to ClixZing now in just the first 20 Days of the program being open live worldwide. Over 100,000 visit the ClixZing website daily!

(Make sure you have your PTC, PTR, Text and Banner Ads submitted)

Your referral URL:

We have a couple of updates to share with you today, please read in full:

1 – Daily Calls – We hold calls Mon – Thur at 11am EST and 8pm EST. On these calls we go over the CZ Overview and we also give out the latest updates at the end of these calls. Calls last about 30 minutes and yes, these calls are done online. Be sure to join us:

2 – Tutorial Help Videos – We had many requests to add some tutorial videos to help better explain how to use some of the functions in the members back office. The link to these videos is located on the Getting Started page in your member back office:

3 – New CZ Video – As we mentioned last week, we are currently working on a NEW CZ Video that will be placed on the front of the ClixZing website. This will be available within a week from now. We will of course let you know when it has been added.

4 – New Promotional Offers Coming – Over the coming days, be sure to watch for special emails coming out from CZ with a special promotional offer for you. We can’t give out the details yet but it will be cool!

5 – PTSU (Paid-to-Sign-Up) is Coming – As we mentioned last week, we are in the process of having the new PTSU section developed. We hope to have this up and ready within the next few weeks. Members will be able to earn from 10 cents up to 30 cents (possibly more) for signing up to other members programs and it will also be incorporated in to the 10 level deep compensation plan!

6 – CZPPA (ClixZing-Pay-Per-Action) is Coming – Same as the PTSU – This is currently under development. Members will be able to earn form 5 cents up to $1.00 for completing tasks form big advertisers. This will also be factored in to the 10 level deep program and also depend on level of membership. The higher your membership levels, the higher you will be able to earn form the CZPPA’s.

7 – PTR (Paid-to-Read) – Make sure you are submitting your PTR ads. These are the same as Solo Ads accept CZ members are paid to read your offers! The PTR ads are proving to give amazing results for those that are submitting them! With these, the member reads your offer, and then has to click on the link in the PTR ad, view your website, before getting paid! If you have not submitted yours yet, do so!

8 – Bonus ad credits - From time to time you may receive “BONUS” ad credit offers through the PTR Inbox. Follow the instructions in the PTR ad, complete the action required, and earn bonus ad credits from ClixZing.

9 – CZ News Section – We anticipate the CZ News section to be fully functional within the next couple of weeks. Our development team is working on this feature so we do apologize for the updates not being posted there as of yet. Please do make sure you are checking your email daily for any updates as well or get on the daily calls… Simply stay informed! CZ is growing at almost 500 to 1000 plus members per day!

10 – Make sure you are sending your Direct Referrals a message through your member back office. Welcome them, encourage them, and answer their replies if the reply back to you. Open communication with them will only help your downline grow exponentially.

11 – Make sure to check your “Downline Stats” page daily!

We have a lot in store as we continue to grow and move forward strosdegoz.

Get your CZ referral links out to every place you can find.

Remember, your FREE members are JUST as valuable as your PAID members in your CZ downline!

Here is to your success…

CZ Administrative Team
Latest Company Update

Hi strosdegoz

Login to your account and do the following: (Extremely Important)

1 – Submit your PTC (paid-to-click) Ads.
2 – Submit your PTR (paid-to-read) Ads.
3 – Submit your Text Ads.
4 – Submit your Banner Ads.

We now have over 35,500 members in ClixZing in just the first 28 days of the program being open live worldwide. These 35,500 members want to VIEW your ads and see what YOU have to offer dirson eduardo! Every member in ClixZing right now has credits! Submit your ads please!

If you are not sure how to submit your ads we have tutorial help videos:


We are sending out random bonuses through the PTR (Paid-to-read) Inboxes under the PTR Ads section in your member back office on a daily basis. Check and view your PTR ads DAILY! Some of these bonuses include up to 500 PTR Credits, 250,000 Banner ad credits, 250,000 Text ad credits, some may even include “CASH” bonuses. Follow the action in the bonus emails and claim your bonuses (if you received these bonus PTR ads)


Last week we mentioned we were working on a NEW video. This new video is now COMPLETE and up and running on the front of the ClixZing website. We also have the video on YouTube for those that wish to use it with their marketing efforts.


Be sure to join us on the daily calls at either 11am EST or 8pm EST:
Call schedule:

We are still in the baby stages of ClixZing. Over the coming months we have a bunch more NEW added income generators and features being developed and added to ClixZing as we continue to Grow. Our goal is to reach 1 Million plus members in less than 2 years and to also become THE premier Advertising and Income earning program online.

Things coming out in future development and will be added to the 10 Level Comp Plan:

1 – PTSU (Paid-to-sign-up) – (Ability to earn 10 cents up to 30 cents or more)
2 – PTT (Paid-to-text) – cell based
3 – PTVV (Paid-to-view-videos) – (ability to earn up to 10 cents per video viewed)
4 – CZPPA (ClixZing Pay-Per-Action) – (Ability to earn from 10 cents up to a couple of dollars per action)
5 – Publisher/Advertisers – The ability to place ClixZing Ad Code on your personal website and earn!

A lot of cool things will be coming to ClixZing as we continue to move forward and grow and turn ClixZing in to the premier PTC and Income earning website online today!

Your ClixZing referral URL:

Remember, you earn from EVERY SINGLE member in your downline, both free and paid members!

It only takes a few referrals to start the exponential growth under you…

If you have referred members, contact them and assist them in getting started, using the Message Direct Referrals page in your member back office. Also remember to check your Downline Stats (Fear of Loss System) page daily!!!

There are members in ClixZing already earning upwards of $30 to $60 per day simply from referring free and paid members to ClixZing and the referrals are doing the same and clicking daily! It really is that simple!

Watch the new video located on the front page of the ClixZing website dirson eduardo.

One of my all time favorite sayings I live by is:

Why not YOU…Why not NOW….Why not TODAY!
Success is not given to you…it is YOU that creates the success…
It is YOU that controls your own success story!


ClixZing Administration
Company update and special offer going on right now.
You get double the credits of your advertising purchase
for the next 24 hour, read below.

Hi strosdegoz

We just passed the 38,300 member mark in CZ in just the first full month of being open live worldwide!

That also means there are over 38,300 members waiting to see YOUR program you have to offer!

PLEASE take a few minutes to log in to your account and:
1 – SUBMIT your PTC (Paid to click) Ads using your PTC Credits
2 – SUBMIT your PTR (Paid to read) Ads using your PTR Credits
3 – SUBMIT your TEXT ads using your TEXT ad credits
4 – SUBMIT your BANNER ads using your BANNER ad credits

IF you are not sure how to do so there are TUTORIAL HELP VIDEOS on the getting started page.

ALSO, there is ONLY 18 hours left in the CZ 2 for 1 Special….

From NOW until TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT EST, 5/16/2011, when you purchase PTC, PTR, TEXT and BANNER ad credits, our CZ Administrative Team is going to DOUBLE your purchase order!

Purchase PTC Credits (Any size Package) we will DOUBLE it!
Purchase PTR Credits (Any size Package) we will DOUBLE it!
Purchase Text Ad Credits (Any size Package) we will DOUBLE it!
Purchase Banner Ad Credits (Any size Package) we will DOUBLE it!

To grab this special CZ 2 for 1 – 24 Special, simply log in to your CZ account at with your username: strosdegoz and go to the buy credits page of your choice,(PTC, PTR, TEXT or BANNER) select the package you want to purchase and place your order. It does not matter what size the order is, we will DOUBLE IT!

Once you make your purchase CLICK HERE to send us an email. In the email include your CZ username and a copy of your AlertPay purchase receipt. You CAN use your account balance as well to purchase credit packs. If you do this instead of using AlertPay let us know, we will look it up, confirm it, then DOUBLE that order as well!

Once approved, one of our CZ Administrative Team will add the additional (doubled amount) of credits that you purchased to your CZ account.

This special CZ 2 for 1 Special will only last until TONIGHT at Midnight EST 5/16/2011!

Grab DOUBLE the amount of credits TODAY at CZ!
This may be the ONLY time we run this special.

Then make sure to submit your PTC, PTR, Text and Banner ads!


The ClixZing Administration Team
Hi dirson eduardo…

Did you know…

ClixZing PTR Ads have 100% deliverability???

Absolutely NO lost or bounced emails - PTR (Paid to read) Ads are providing ClixZing members and advertisers with amazing results!

PTR Ads are the same as Solo Ads with one major difference…

Over 41,900 members are getting PAID to view your website from your link in the PTR ads you submit!

This INCREASES the potential amount of signups or purchases of your products you are advertising through the PTR ad section…

Also, as a member VIEWING these PTR ads from your PTR inbox, you earn ½ cent per PTR viewed. Viewing 10 to 20 of these ads per day and put an extra 5 to 10 cents in to your account.

PLUS, if you have members in your downline doing the same thing, this can quickly add up and start generating a few dollars a day to your CZ account balance.

Free and paid downline members earn YOU money dirson eduardo…

Its no wonder we have members in ClixZing earning from $1.00 up to $75 PER DAY in ClixZing….

Refer FREE members to the program, they click, they earn, they earn YOU money…

It really is THAT simple!

Some members in CZ have referred from just 1 free and paid member up to over 2,700 free and paid members. All it takes is one or 2 though to start producing the exponential growth under you and have your CZ account balance increase daily!

Your CZ referral URL is:

You can log in to your account at:
Username: strosdegoz

Remember dirson eduardo, the higher your membership level, the higher the percentages you can earn form your FREE and paid downline members and the deeper through the 10 level ClixZing Effect comp plan you can earn on…

dirson eduardo, login to your account, submit your PTR (Paid to read) ads… Over 41,900 members are waiting to see what YOU have to offer them!!!

CZ Admin Team

PS: Check your "Downline Stats" page once per day and see how much you may be potentially losing...