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Earn 0.0025$ per click
Earn 0.0015$ per referral click
Minimum cashout is $3
Payments via PayPal, Payza, PerfectMoney SolidTrustPay & Payeer
Up to 8 fixed ads
Guaranteed daily ads
Play CliqueGrid
Effortless income
Earn from home
Detailed statistics
Upgrade opportunities

Sign up bonus 0.30$ for the first 3000 members!

cliquebook uses legal EvolutionScript license!

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CLIQUEBOOK - Make money with multiple ways

New Year Promo

Bonus 1: Special New Year Packages starting from 6.50$ to 229.50$
The Special New Year Packages are now available at ADVERTISE PAGE.
Generally the packs include Paid Membership, Direct Referrals, Rented Referrals and Advertising Credits.

Bonus 2: 30 Days CliqueGrid Ad = 1.50$

Bonus 3: 1 Day Fixed Ad = 0.30$, 30 Days Fixed Ad = 9.00$
2ND Promo and Invest Contest
The competition already started and it will end on the 31st of March 2016. You may earn points from:

1 Direct Referral = 15 Points
Points per ptc click = 1 Point
Points per forum post =1 Point
Points per completed offer = 1 Point
Points per 1 dollar deposited = 15 Points

The Competition Prizes are:

1st $200 Main balance + 200 Rented Referrals
2nd $150 Main balance + 150 RR
3rd $100 Main balance +100RR
4th $30 Main balance + 30RR
5th $15 Main balance + 15RR
6th $10 Main balance + 10RR
7th $8 Main balance +8RR
8th $6 Main balance + 6RR
9th $5 Main balance +5RR
10th $5 Main balance + 5RR
3RD Promo and Purchase Contest
You may earn points from:

1 Direct Referral = 15 Points
Points per ptc click = 1 Point
Points per forum post =1 Point
Points per grid click = 1 Point ( not included in the contest table)
Points per 1 dollar deposited = 10 Points

Welcome gift of 0.30$ for every new member who register at Cliquebook!
The New Year Point Contest.
The prizes will be distributed among the top 10 members who gather the most points in their accounts.

Each action will give you points as follows:

Points per direct referral:10.00
Points per ptc click:1.00
Points per forum post:1.00
Points per completed offer:1.00
Points per dollar deposited:15.00

From this moment on, the New Members will have 2 sign up bonuses, instead of 1; 30 cents in PB and Cliquey Employee Upgrade for 3 days!
Rented Referral System Updates and Modifications - A new process of improving the RR system has started, it will provide the members' more flexible options for gathering active referrals. The toll is working automatically, so you do not have to do anything on your end. In time, the rented referrals will get more improved and will pass through more activity filters.

The Domains for Cliquebook and Cliquesteria were extended until the year of 2020!
The PIN will no longer be supported. Instead of it, Admin have implemented another layer of security, which runs automatically and you do not have to do anything from your side.

But however, if some of you find that their accounts are not working properly I strongly suggest that you LOG OUT and then LOG IN again. Once you do this, the new changes will take effect for your account, and everything will be okay.

The Next Promo will be for:

- Internal Transfers from Main to Purchase Balance
- Advertising Promotions i.e. banners, fixed ads, ptsu, grid and ptc credits.
New Earning Option in Cliquebook - Ad Packs.
You the chance to earn much more per month even without clicking. The Price of 1 Ad pack is 5$ and the daily return is 1.2% for all memberships. It matures at 6$ for 100 days. And the maximum number/limit od ad packs depends on your membership.

There is not a forced investment scheme, where you should deposit more in order to earn more, so you are free to purchase and repurchase ad packs at any time. That makes us different from the common sites, where a certain reinvestment is required depending on your total cash out volume.