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I have searched here and did not see, so i decided to share with friends here. Please Mod edit any error for me. Well, i joined on the 9th day, when i saw it listed at GP and made a deposit of $1 and i have withdrawed $0.09 which was automatic then. It has run for 24 days now, as the stats stats in GP.
They offer two set of plans which pays daily and weekly.
Daily Plan:
$1-$300 1.8% days
$301-$800 = 2.8%
$801-$5000 3.8%
$5001-$100,000 4.8%
Pay only on business days Mon-fri.
Weekly Plans:
$50-$1500 12.6%
$1501-$3000 19.6%
$3001-$10000 26.6%
$100001-$100000 33.6% Pays days of the week. It has already 24 days online, so it's still new to try it out.
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Well the minimum to invest in it is very affordable and also i like hyip that pays instantly. This is a long term hyip paying only on business days this is what i don't like about it.


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Well, i have made another withdraw this morning and it went instant. Just gotten $0.18 so far, after 15 days of my investment, excluding 2 weekends. I just hope to reach BEP here, though it seems like it will pay for long.


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This program has managed to survive 24 days and is still paying so I think it is reliable and will last long. I will give it a try myself because the minimum deposit is very low though, the referral commission is too high indeed and the daily interest is not really attractive, I will reach the BEP in about 55 business days... Let's see.


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@tibor, I know it's a low min deposit, but honestly do you believe you can get to the bep b4 it turns scam? I'm afraid it's unlikely to happend especially it has lasted for 24 days already.


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I don't think it's a better time to join a long term hyip, or short term too. I believe in early stage for hyips. It's boring that this one even pay business, and it will take much days to reach BEP. But it's upto anyone who wants to invest there, and uuu..15, i don't catch the designing any poor.