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Earn $0.01 per Click
Earn $0.0075 per Referral Click
Win Grid Daily Prizes and Daily Bonus for Completing Tasks
Guaranteed PTC Ads Daily
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$3 minimum payout
Payments Via Payza and Paypal


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CATALYSTCLICKS - Click for a Change

This site will be launched in October 1st.
Register today until September 30 for a FREE Premium Account, more bonus and cash prizes coming soon!

The minimum payment has now changed from $4 minimum to $1.

You can now request for a payment and will be processed on the 1st of October.
ahay, there is another new PTC site, may try ya never know PTC is able to last a long time and actually pays its members. thank you for the information
Site is fully launched.
You can advertise your site for a very cheap price such as 10,000 clicks for only $3. 1,000 and 2,500 clicks are available and they are $0.5 and $1 respectively.

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FREE Elite MEMBERSHIP FOR 1 Year to First 20,000 Members!

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