PTP Forum

Well guys I just found a brand new PTP Forum, :rock:

Site pays 0.04 per thread and 0.03 per post, not bad at all..

As in any other PTP, is better to jump in early to take as much advantage as we can and generate some good profit from it.
Hope this one can stay around for a long time, see you there guys !!

This is the link of the site:
cash discuss


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The Admin didn't even take time to update a rule for the forum, no immediate information from the admin and there hardly would be a way a forum can progress without such information.


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I think if what @Decub is saying is right then we cannot expect the forum to attract many people to post there, anyways I do not think that I would join yet unless I see someone getting paid.


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I am returning to this site after long time. Trying to catch up things. I see it is a new paid to post forum. Is this website still paying people?


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Just visited the site anyway, and every thing there is quite new. The admin, obviously is a newbie to website as he/she tries to immitiate from the look and same sub-forum set of goldentalk. Beside, the admin is not active as well to put things in order or atleast update some section threads. The rate looks nice, site loads normal. So, what we need is admin support to help keep the forum active by members that will join.
I went to the site and its like all the site i have visited before.It looks nice but i am not in a hurry to join or start posting.I will wait at least six months from now and see some negative or positive reviews about the sites.I want to see what people will be talking about it in the near future before i think of committing to it.Looks nice but am still yet to join.I will love to see some proofs from the members who have been there and even screenshots of payments.