Can we monitor for a week....?

With different tricks scammers uses to gain ratings from investors, I will suggest a link for 'latest/daily report by users' beneath the name of NEW HYIPS goldpoll has just invested. The link may be directed to a new thread on the forum created by the admin. Reason for this is that after Goldpoll rates this new sites as paying, we don't know if it is just single payment you recieved but if different users at forum post their daily comments for a week, it can give us more light on paying status of new hyips. We know some don't even pay at all. With their submission as new sites at goldpoll, $1 or $2 collected from 200 users for the first 4days is enough before they are declared as scam. Days ago, I invested in three sites now on goldpoll nonpaying list but one of them paid me just now while two of them didn't even credit my account at all after the first deposit. The only thing i got from them is thank you message after deposit. One of them said we should mail them before reporting them at goldpoll only to discover that they are not paying at all but only pay an account with affiliate/username "goldpoll" to fool followers. CAN WE CREATE A LIVE MONITOR COMMENT PAGE about new hyip sites especially?


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You can check payments reports at the "I've been paid.." folder on ; if you have a problem at any HYIP - you can leave a bad vote for this HYIP on
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