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" is a investment company for all investors. We make profits in forex market 24 hours every working day and all trade is generated by our robots programmed by our 100% safe trading strategy. All profits are caculated daily in our system.

We worked to some of the most famous and reliable investment sites. We wanted to create a website, what gives more profits then them.

You can choose from daily, weekly and monthly plans. All of them are paying only on working days, when we can trade. We're accepting BitCoin payments only and you can only withdraw in BitCoin. We're transfering the withdrawals manually in 24-72 hours."

Accept: Bitcoin

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My offer is 200% RCB for the first 2 deposit (the commission is 5% so you will receive 10% from me), 50% RCB for the rest and 100% investment back guarantee from me.
Some news from BTC-Forextrading's Facebook page:

"$5 signup bonus is valid in January! Sign up now and start to make free money!"
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We created a XAPO BitCoin Faucet for you to earn extra money. Use it to earn satoshis in every 5 minutes and invest your earnings back to our Doubler plan!
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"We’ve got new offers to active investors, who invests until 15th of January.
Every investor receive 5% deposit bonus, who invests to Monthly B plan and 10% bonus, who invests to Monthly C plan."
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From today, I'll withdraw $1 from BTC-ForexTrading on every business day, and I'll post it.

I'm gonna test something for my Money Maker Method users. I withdrew $1 yesterday and it's arrived this morning.
Register through my link and receive 200% RCB (2*5%) and investment back guarantee!
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