BlokBiz – Securing the Investment of Investors


Today, the number of crowdfunding platforms within the cryptocurrency ecosystem is increasing. However, how safe it is for investors and stakeholder to perform their activities is a major issue that requires a perfect solution. Not only do the crowdfunding platforms have these issues, the ICO market has become dangerous and unreliable. This has contributed to dwindling growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Today, different ICO’s have a great plan for the future; nevertheless, in spite of all the ICO’s trying to make a difference, only about 2% are successful in delivering their goals and plans. Since January 2017, there has been an increase in the amount and capitalization of ICO’s but the painful part is that majority of these tokens/coins are scam activities, which have caused great financial damages to investors.

On the other hand, the crowdfunding market is filled with fraudulent projects with the aim of stealing money from investors. Money is stolen from these investors because the platform has various possibility of doing that without the investors knowing. However, there hasn’t been any platform created to overhaul these inadequacies and give investors what they truly deserve. To help avert this, the BlokBiz Group is creating a platform that will offer safe ICO investment and controlled projects.

What is BlokBiz?

BlokBiz is a platform created to help investors who want to take part in the ICO market. The platform is designed in such a way that it avoids any form of fraudulent activity by using a combination of tested and globally accepted methods combining with the new decentralized technology. To ensure that investors aren’t scammed, BlokBiz applies smart-contracts for each transactions using ERC20 format. Furthermore, all ICOs taking place on the platform undergo a strict verification process. BlokBiz is the first ICO trading platform to offer strict control and personal managing for the ICO market.

How BlokBiz want to prevent scams

The crypto market is increasing daily with the promising high yield motivating more people to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Because of this growth, the number of fraudulent activities in the market has also increased. Each day, investors lose about 20 million USD to scam. In order to curb the further spread of scam ICOs, BlokBiz has decided to create an efficient cryptocurrency investment portal where investors can ensure that the companies they are investing in have undergone a full background check. To do this, BlokBiz is using the following methods to ensure all companies listed on its platform are valid and under supervision.

• BlokBiz uses an Anti-Scam security method
• BlokBiz has a compliance department that ensures that companies are monitored. The experts review the history of the owners, cash flow projections, project goals, etc.
• If the funded companies don’t collect the set amount of Ethereum within the deadline, they won’t continue with the project, or there is any suspicion of fraud, investors will get their Ethereum back.
• BlokBiz prevents artificial “Pump and Dump” schemes used by companies

BlokBiz will revolutionize the cryptocurrency and crowdfunding ecosystem by ensuring that every scam is eradicated. The platform is built to ensure that only all listed ICOs have undergone rigorous security checks. Today, investors can comfortably invest in ICO and go to sleep, knowing full well that every company listed is carefully checked.