Bitspays -


Earn up to 100 satoshis per click
10% from Ref Adverts Views
10% On Top from InFrame Ads
5% from Ref Purchases
Minimum payout is 0,0002 BTC
Absolutely no deposit or fresh money investment is requested from no members.
Viewing Advertisements
Free Miner Game
Company Shares - 100 Satoshi per share
Partners Program

Daily Bonus - Bonus is generated randomly. Only one bonus can be collected per day.

1,000 Satoshis PB Registration Bonus To All New Members ( 10 Company shares FREE )!

Free registration, thank you:

BITS-PAYS - New style gains!

Some features
- InFrame ads -
- Flash Ads -
- Daily Bonus -
- Free Miner Game -
- Company Shares with Healthy Dividends -
- Shares Market For Traders -
- Progresive referral commission program -
- Premium membership -
- Advanced earnings statistics -

Free Members are able to earn for free just buy viewing advertisers advertisements, referring new users (Progresive commissions), playing free miner game, collecting daily bonus!

Investors have all benefits as a standard members, but also can increase those earnings with premium membership, investing in miner game to buy better mining machinery, investing in company shares and collecting healthy dividends or trading them on share market and making fast profit!

Advertisers are able to do all above and more: Buy advertisements with great results for a cheap price, Receive up to 120% back from InFrame Ads, or receive up to 150% for advertising 728x90 size banner on our program!
Turn 10,000 Satoshis in to 384,433 Satoshis after just 90 Days with US!

10% From referrals viewed ads! - 20% for premium members!
5% From referrals purchases! - 10% for premium members!
Free miner game gives free satoshis to owner! To be able mine satoshis, miner level need to be minimum of 10lvl* With only 20lvl miner, without any additional tools members will mine about 15,000 satoshis per day.
Apply For a Rented Referral Job
Renting referrals will be available for Premium members at first, later it will be released for standard members too.
Each member who is here for more then 7 days can apply for a job ( to be a rented referral ).
Member will be able to set his own price based on last 7 days earnings from clicking ads and made deposits, because this is ways your referrer will earn from you when he rents you. Earnings are already being recorded from previous Tuesday evening.
User will be able to set from 80% up to 120% price for him self for the premium users and 30% to 70% for standard users based on last 7 days earnings times 4.
Once done, your application will be placed on a rented referrals market where other members will be able to hire you.
You will not need to do nothing additional. Just keep earning as usual. If you will stay active and keep on clicking those ads, at the end of rented term, you will receive your reward.
You will receive 30% as a reward of your set price.
The best option is to update your listing every Sunday.
Latest Miner Update!
Admin added miner energy. That energy open doors for much wider and interesting features. First one is already here: Completely redesigned miner map module.
You will like this new map looking module much more, as it is much easier and now, any map saved by accident can be dramatically improved or deleted.
Please take a look at Map page on the left members menu, under the miner section.
Some features that you will already see there will not be yet available.
Please do check Miner Energy page too, now you can increase your maximum energy. With higher max limit you can collect much more energy automatically with time.
Coming the new Miner version 3, and it will be big.

-- Dividends --
This month dividends we will distribute this weekend
Achievement points are necessary in order to view InFrame adverts. For every InFrame ad you view, achievement points amount equal to ad satoshi value will be deducted from your achievement points balance.
If your achievement points balance is lower then the ad value, you will receive only 1 satoshi for viewing this advert. In order to receive full amount, earn more free achievement points!
Free achievement points can be earnined ways displayed below:
View Flas Ads, View NoFrame Ads, Collect M Credits, Collect M Satoshi, Any Purchase, Referrals, Collect D Bonus, From OfferWalls, From Deposits.