Bitmain Antminer L3+ Review and Specs

Litecoin with a market cap of USD 2.56 billion rocking the fifth rank in the cryptocurrency market. It garners massive popularity from the crypto enthusiasts for its Lightning Network and faster transactions.

After 2011, after two years of its launch, Litecoin became exceedingly popular for its faster transaction processing speed and newbie-friendly cryptographic algorithm. This drew the attraction of miners hugely.

Later, seeing the skyrocketing demand for Litecoin mining, Bitmain Pvt. Ltd. started designing customized devices for Litecoin mining. AntMiner L3+ is one among them.

Also, as the recent SegWit forked in recently, most of the developers tested the Lightning Network with transactions, and thus the new second-layer products have started emerging in the space.

AntMiner L3+ is one of the devices among them dedicatedly built for Litecoin (LTC) mining, which became popular due to its brilliant hash rates. In this post, you will learn about the specifications, costs, and a brief review of Bitmain’s AntMiner L3+ device.

Now let’s have a hands-on review of the robust mining machine.


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What is AntMiner L3+?
AntMiner L3+ is a custom-designed mining hardware for Litecoin mining. It is an ASIC miner used as the hardware component dedicated for mining coins based on SCRYPT algorithm like Litecoin.

It contains BM1485, one of the first Litecoin application-specific-integrated-circuit, having an outstanding hashing speed.

Inside the AntMiner L3+ kit, you get 288 numbers of such powerful ASIC chips. These chips boost the hash rate and make it more efficient than the previous L3 Litecoin miners on the market.

The L3+ version of AntMiner is the upgraded version of Bitmain’s previous AntMiner L3. When it comes to performance and competition, the AntMiner L3+ outperforms the market in every specification— starting from the power usage to the price.

The AntMiner L3+ is quite similar to the popular AntMiner S9 in many aspects and have nearly the same size as well.

Due to its features like— compact design, definitive size, the efficient cooling system you can use it anywhere— in a mining farm and also in home-apartments.

What unique features does AntMiner L3+ offer?
The L3+ comes equipped with a powerful AM335x 1GHz ARM® Cortex-A8 microprocessor, a control board by Texas Instruments’ and also have Gigabit Ports that ensures your mined blocks are submitted instantly.

It comes covered with a high-grade aluminum case that protects the device from heat and two computer-controlled fast-moving fans to keep it cool.

The AntMiner L3+ uses an engineered combination of both conduction and convection— to enhance the cooling capacity. Thus it keeps your Litecoin mining performance to the maximum.

Even when working at its maximum capacity, the L3+ creates no more heat than the latest terahash miner for Bitcoin, which is an added perk for you.

Along with these, high-grade heat sinks of Aluminium Alloy are installed on every chip of the AntMiner L3+. These have high heat-absorbing capacity.

Moreover, two rapid-cool exhaust high-speed fans at the end of the tubes are attached so that the hot air is instantly replaced by gushing the cooler air at the required pace.

These features make AntMiner L3+ a powerful miner— engineered for giving maximum power— yet keeping the operating environment cool.

What are the things that AntMiner L3+ makes it a perfect choice for you?
AntMiner L3+ offer many essential benefits that you probably don’t get with any other miners out there in the market.

So, let’s dive into them one by one:

Powerful Hash Rate
One of the critical features for being the best miner is its hash rate.

Before you go and buy, as a miner, the first-ever thing you look for is the rig’s hash rate. Here, AntMiner L3+ has a high-grade hash rate that is 504MH/s. It is almost double the speed when compared to its previous version L3, which was around 255H/s.

Electricity Consumption
The power consumption mostly varies with the PSU you are using, the ambient operating temperature and the accuracy of the meter measuring power input.

Power consumption is another significant factor which decides the profitability of a miner.

You have to calculate the energy consumption cost according to the standard electricity rates of the country or location you live.

When it comes to L3+ expert analysis shows it consumes around 800W while its previous version L3 used roughly about its half that is 400W.

However, since the hash rate also has gone up higher compared to its previous version, the electricity consumption is quite considerable. So, the net efficiency and profit are almost equal for both of the models.

Noise Levels
Noise too is another crucial factor that you should check for while purchasing a mining rig.

If you are mining from your residential apartments, then make sure that the noise created by the AntMiner is not affecting your household activities.

AntMiner L3+ generates over 80dB at 4fts which equals to the sound of a food blender that is 88 dB or a freight train at 15 meters at 100%. That means you would not like to hear its noise while watching your favorite TV series.

Even at 50%, it produces a sound that is loud to bear for longer durations.

So, mostly if you have an isolated, well-ventilated, spacious room at your apartment or probably a mining farm, then it is the right choice for you.

Whether in a residential apartment or a professional mining farm wherever it may be, size is considered as a major factor to look for in mining hardware. Too bulky machinery takes up much space and are not easy to relocate later.

Also, in mining farms, when you want to increase the number of rigs, the compactness of rigs play a significant role. It offers hassle-free relocation, operation, space-efficient networking,

The AntMiner L3+ has a dimension of 35 cm x 13 cm x 19 cm, which is compact and a considerable size when you look at its performance.

Build Quality
For an insider view, it comes with a four-board circuit, with a dual-fan setup, and 59-type case. This design allows for the heat to be moved out quickly and efficiently.

Compared to its previous version AntMiner L3 it has doubled its performance by increasing the number of BM1485 ASIC chips from the 144 units in the L3 to 288 in the new L3+.

The build quality of the machine is decent as it is made up of solid Aluminum Alloy and its compactness in size makes it more space-friendly.

So, ignoring those minor quirks AntMiner L3+ has a stable build quality that ensures your machine will last for a long time.

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