bitluna is a bit of a secret society

I signed up to bitluna from as upline and the owner of this Site, Sercan Cakir emailed to askedf had questions. Well you have to buy ad packs at $5 each. Gradually, (providing you click 10 das daily) it will give 2.5% gain daily till 30% gain. After that I was told the interest dropped on 0.01% unless you did SOMETHING. Bitluna support send short answers like "What" and "Dont know". They are Sercan Cakit and some Bitluna members on a different forum only to make funny remarkd but they wont let me in on tjhe secret of WHAT THAT SOMETHING IS. Naturally if you deposit 100 and recieve 30%=30 your loss is $70

My question is Can you also sell the "matured ad packs"and get your money back? That way we investing 100 and got back 130

I also had signed up for am email ,marketing course run by Sercan Cakir, and it disappeared and I think he mayhave unsubscribed me. I dont know any of them but am being excluded from a lot of things

Anyone get the same