Binary options scams

Hey guys...
If you'll are into trading the financial markets I'm sure you have come across binary options before. Now this is a simple trading platform in which you trade on whether the price if an asset will rise or is compared to gambling and Forex by some. However this type of trading is growing in popularity and with that so is the scams around it... I've done a write up on binary options scams on my website binary options south africa. This helps you identify scams in the industry and becareful out there...
To protect with scams a trader should take binary option trading tips and suggestions from experts of the market but be careful that you should only take suggestions from an experienced and certified advisor. There are a lot of people in the market to make you fool so do not trust anyone regarding investment suggestions.
Scams are severe things which can lead to great loss. Hence, traders should be very careful while trading and take necessary action to check all the background checks.