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I am not the admin.

I just want to share this new "maybe" HYIP project, I invested a little amount about 0.015 btc because I like experimenting with new projects and this looks really simple-modern:

Bewithtbtc is the fastest growing online investment site in the world. With team composed of professional marketers focused on cryptocurrency trading, has generated around 350 000$ of clear profit from investment returns. We have been providing our service only to private clients, but now, we are coming up with online service platform usable for everyone, who wants to make some extra cash. Value of cryptocurrency is rising up every day, so now it is the best time to start investing with us.

Minimum amount: 0.015 (about 14$)
Maximum amount: Not specified
Referral commission: 10%

Invest plan:
1 /0.0150 + 2.5% of DEPOSIT /UNLIMITED
2 /0.1000 + 3% of DEPOSIT /UNLIMITED
3 /1.0000 + 3.5% of DEPOSIT /UNLIMITED
4 /2.0000 + 4% of DEPOSIT /UNLIMITED


I think that, they have very fast support because when I was registering friend they text me If I need help, really weird but I like it... that's the reason why I am writing here I want to help them :)
+ working facebook page


Paying is REAL confirmed transactions from BITCOIN NETWORK in footer of the page


What do you think about it ? :)
I think it will slowly rise up to 2-3 months

Payment Processor:
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