Antivirus for WINDOWS 7

That is most funny action from this Software, you mean Avast can not kill the dictated Virus. If so, that makes it a good Spy without a good action and it's is pointless still using it...except if the other Anti-Virus can not inform you about a New Virus, which I think it can. Avast was popular not now.
I use my Eset Smart Security. I am totally satisfied with it. I do not take up much space, and efficient, low system requirements. What more could you need! Tell a Friend. :)
But to get the full satisfaction of AVG, you then have to upgrade or purchase the full package. While Eset is free all times. I wonder both of them which one is more powerful.
Never use McAfee...its the crappiest antivirus software. Try Kaspersky, avira or quick heal but make sure you run malwarebytes ocassionally
thousand of antivirus programs are availabe on internet that is the web,so if your operating system runs with windows7 then you must try to secure it via any one the antivirus program such avast,avira,AVG,etc.
Honestly ,free version and paid version have completely different picture.Free version needs to be exchange every 30 days but paid version allows 365 days of fully secured scanning usage and result indeed.