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What is AMF Brokerage Ltd ?

We are a fully licensed company for the purpose of collecting funds to Trade in Securities or Investments opportunities.

We are now at the first stage of running a completed managed funds brokerage, with trading license. This will, in turn, grow our assets and your returns with reliable and no nonsense trading. This is a truly winning combination.

Our second stage will be (which is in process) owning a Private Bank license which will furthure enhance our ability to trade and keep your funds secure. at this point our trades and all funds will be fully insured. This will also allow us to extend further services to our investors and give them more profits in several different, new, exciting and out of the box ideas. One such idea is affiliated Micro loans with referral earning potential. This is something unheard of in banking? This small example will allow you to be part of the banking instrument and facilitate helping the needy, as well making a great
return. Our banking ideas will be extremely new to the world.

The third stage will be, having our own platform to trade and we will cater to mostly Asia as this is an emerging market with huge potentials, there are others doing this out there. What will make us different besides our honesty and integrity for the legalities is the way our leaning shoulder will help people with little knowledge of Trading and low spreads. People will pick up their own accounts to make successful careers and will become self sufficient with minimum risks.

Last but not least and not our smallest effort, (this is a huge part of our system) will be to introduce our own payment processor with the possiblity of having our own e-currency. Hence we are not planning a short tenure but a grandiose plan to be part of the financial web of the global market.


This statement applies to those AMFB-LTD websites and services that display or link to this notice. AMFB-LTD prohibits the use of the Services in any manner associated with the transmission, distribution or delivery of any unsolicited bulk or unsolicited commercial e-mail ("Spam"). You may not use any Services to send Spam. You also may not deliver Spam or cause Spam to be delivered to any of AMFB-LTD 's Services or customers.

No Spamming will be tolerated what-so ever!
No Auto-Responders
No Mass Mails unless the people are in your personal mail addresses (know your contacts), it won't be allowed.
No Posting Arbitrarily in forums just for referral gathering

Detail About AMF Brokerage Limited Investment Program

You must first be a registered member of AMF1989 before you can invest. You make investments from the members Back Office with any of the payment methods available to you. Registration is free. Simply go to our site, AMF BROKERAGE LIMITED, enter the tuning number, and click on Create an Account and fill in the information required. When your account is verified, log in and go to your Back Office and invest (spend).

Currently we have made available E-Gold, E-Bullion and bank wires for investing with amf1989. AMFB are paying 5% referral commissions for any new referrals. You will earn referral fees on new accounts ONLY and only on the first deposit of that referral

The minimum investment is 100USD. We have no maximum amount to invest. However we do advise you to contact the support staff at AMF BEFORE transferring any amount greater than 50,000.00USD

AMF1989 are offering 25% per month return on any amount of money you invest. The monthly interest will be paid for 12 calendar months from the date you invested with us. Your principal will not be returned and the total Return for 12 months is 300%. As an Example: Principal: Amount that you invested in AMFB = USD1,000 Frequency of Payments: Every 1 calendar month Amount of payment: 25% per month Number of Payments: 12 Total Returns: 300% returns in 12 months

Accumulated returns end of 12 months: USD3,000

You can only withdraw using the same payment processor you used to make your investments. When you have sufficient funds available in your Back Office you may request a Withdrawal from your Withdrawal tab area and complet the form. For example: you invested using E-Gold and you may only withdraw using the E-Gold. You will be required to verify your account first before attempting any withdrawals.

AMF1989 do not want any illegal organizations or persons to misuse our programs for their ill gains and we have to follow the International laws that requirement this verification. Your identity will never be used or sold to any third parties as we have strict privacy rules regarding identity security.

AMF1989 is operating legally and we are licensed to collect funds publicly, to trade in securities, currencies and stocks. We are also licensed to trade any financial institutions funds including banks. Our registration details are displayed on the front page for verification. We are not insured now but will be eventually. Do not forget there is a Risk in Investing.

Your family members or friends can use the same IP to register.
There is nothing wrong with this, as all the accounts will be verified.

Please visit our web site and take a look to see if this is something You want to participate in:

(PM, YM or Email Me For Referral Code If You Interested To Take This Opportunity)

Please contact me at if you have any questions and/or need any kind of support and i will try to answer your question based on what i can read on this website.
Thank You for the opportunity to serve You! We wish You a wonderful day!

Anyone interested to know further about this program can contact me at :
E-Mail :
OR Private Message


Thank you

yeah cos if you check our EV SLL which we used ran out and it needs to verified again
so in the mean time, we can not leave it with SSL it is custom script not modified cheap comercial scripts with patch work.
drtish7311 said:
Besides you miss the point our site has been here 4 years
so do i take it that out of the 4 years online you never got the profit to even by ssl security for the good of your investors

or that you wished to fill your pocket with the profits...


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