AirTM - (Digital wallet and peer-to-peer exchange platform, $1 free)

AirTM is a a unique blockchain-and-bank-connected digital wallet and peer-to-peer exchange platform founded in 2015.
Recently, it raised $7 million in Series A funding led by BlueYard Capital.
Currently, you can get $1 free after the first transaction as a verified member.


AirTM is your dollar account. No matter where you live, with AirTM you can deposit and withdraw local currency to and from your AirTM dollar account. You can also send and receive dollar payments instantly and for free to and from anyone in the world.


Once you’ve opened your AirTM account, just hit the deposit button and enter the amount of local currency you want to hold as dollars in you AirTM account, as well as the e-transfer method you want to use to make your deposit.

AirTM matches you with a peer who earns a small commission for completing your transaction. We debit the dollars from your peer's AirTM account as soon as he or she accepts the transaction and hold the dollars in your name to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

You send your peer the correct amount of money via a local bank transfer (or other e-transfer method) and we release the dollars to your AirTM account.

It’s that easy.

When you need local currency, just hit the withdraw button, enter the amount of local currency you want to withdraw, and the e-transfer method you want to use.

We’ll match you with a peer who will receive your local currency in exchange for sending dollars to your AirTM account.


With AirTM you can receive dollar payments from anywhere in the world and make dollar payments to anywhere in the world--all instantly and for free.

AirTM is the fastest, lowest-cost, and most convenient way to preserve your wealth in dollars, convert dollars to local currency, and receive or make payments in dollars.

Money in the cloud where you want it. Cash in your hand when you need it.

Make money your friend again with AirTM.


Bank Transfer

Pagofacil (ARS)
Rapipago (ARS)
Western Union

Electronic Transfer:
Advcash (USD)
Alipay (CNY)
Neteller (USD)
Payeer (USD)
Paypal (USD)
Perfect Money (USD)
Skrill (USD)
Tenpay (CNY)
Uphold (USD)

Airtel (INR)
DaviPlata (COP)
Nequi (COP)
Venmo (USD)
Mercado Pago
MTN Mobile Money
Orange Money

Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Dogecoin (DOGE)
Ethereum (ETH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Monero (XMR)
Ripple (XRP)
Tether (USDT)
Zcash (ZEC)

Gift Cards:
Airbnb Gift Card (USD)
Google Play Gift Card (USD)
ITunes Gift Card (USD)
Netflix Gift Card (USD)
PlayStation Store Gift Card (USD)
Spotify Gift Card (USD)
Starbucks Gift Card (USD)
Steam Gift Card (USD)
Xbox Live Gift Card (USD)


AirTM founders Ruben, Ton and Jorge along with members of our management, development and support teams, have lived through the chaos and uncertainty caused by the devaluation of local currency, inflation, and isolated bank networks that make it difficult to move money into or out of the country.

Whether it’s Mexican Pesos, Venezuelan Bolivares or any of the other 100+ national currencies that consistently lose value against the U.S. dollar, the AirTeaM is committed to helping consumers and businesses access stable money that holds its value, money that is as easy to transfer as email, and that can be withdrawn as local currency whenever it’s needed.

Link: AirTM