888.COM Going MLM!

888.COM IS the bigggest name in gaming history.

Will be hitting the londonstockexchange & NYSE this 29th september.

Please pre-register here.

On the below website:


you´ll find a lot of serious information:

Check out the Video link here:


Please send me the following to rohanvd888@yahoo.com





Sponsor: Rohan Vinayak. (mods this is a pre-register phase, not a referral link,
for people to register they will need this, so plz keep it)

And email the INFORMATION to me so I can email it immediately to the office.

The Hot News:

"The BIGGEST online gambling company worldwide is
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We are all very exited regarding: www.888.com that can
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(find amazing information at the buttom ... 888.com is
i.e. the owner of CASINO-ON-NET, the biggest Casino
Portal and PACIFIC POKER and other
Portals ...)

I am taking a step build a worldwide team and from
what I understand in 1 week will exceed anything that
has ever happened in MLM.

This is the parent company that is doing over 120
milllion a month in worldwide revenue ($1.6
BILLION/YEAR). We will have a whole new
website infrastructure for the MLM division.

The company's projection is to become a 4 Billion
Dollar A Year company within its first 24 months of
launching MLM division.

Keep in mind that over 2000 new people a day are being
attracted to this company without MLM. The customer
acquisition incentive and bonuses that can be
potentially earned by us who can bring on 9 leaders is
in excess of 100K a month.

This is a 3x10 matrix. You will be in a very enviable
position. These positions are prime positions so offer
only to your best leaders who are committed to
bringing in 9 leaders.

The money can be made immediately upon launch could be
very substantial so invite only the best of the best
you know.

We are in pre-pre launch now. When we comes to
pre-launch 26th. September all of us only have to
pay $100 to the company www.888.com.

All the best !


"Become a proud member in a company that will be listed on the N.Y. Stock Exchange 29 September ..."


One of the BIGGEST gambling companies out there - worth approx. 1,6 bill. USD - 20 mill. customers - are going MLM.

They are now pre-registering LEADERS (NO PAYMENT !!).

You will get a shock when you hear the name, because they are MASSIVE. They have the money, the credibility,
the cutting edge software and a well runned system to back this up.

Company information
* Will be listed on the N.Y. stock exchange 29 September
* 700 employees -
* 24/7 LIVEsupport in 11 different countries - fastest reponse time in the business
* 400 servers handling the game activity - 200 servers on development
* All software developed in-house
* Massive marketing campaigns - football matches, Middlesborough, Dart WC, Snooker WC, billboards ++
- Started these days advertising on Norwegian TV3 ;-)

The compensation plan is one of the best I have ever seen (after 20 years in MLM), as they value the networkers and customers highly.

The sign up fee for future networkers will only be approx. 100 USD which is perfect - then we get massive access to low cost countries as well. Included the $100 (you don´t pay now - you only register) is a fantastic WEBSITE as YOU can use to PROMOTE your new business and the most amazing BACK OFFICE SYSTEM, included TRACKING of CLIENTS, REPS, AUTORESPONDERS, MOVIES etc ...etc ...

Even if you don´t like gambling WHAT an INVESTMENT and PENSION you can make here ...

I Look forward to hearing from you A.S.A.P if you are interested !

All the best,


PS: You are able to REGISTER here and now. Just email me your:

- Name:
- E-mail address:
- City:
- Country:

Send the informations to (rohanvd888@yahoo.com)
Peter Powderham opened the call, by introducing himself, he has been in NWM for 25years, and is the most successful networker in the world, within the field of IT and communications with another branded company. He said in his 25yrs of doing this business he had enjoyed a lifestyle that would be unheard of by most. He loved what he did. He was basically headhunted by 888.com and asked to head up the pre-launch of 888.biz. He said he had never seen in his 25yrs such an opportunity as this. He said it was more exciting than anything else ever conceived within NWM. His belief is that this company 888.biz will be the biggest NWM in the world. He said the growth in this pre-launch time was nothing short of astonishing.

He went on to talk about the software for the 888.biz site and the compensation plan, both of which he was the only member at this time to have access to, and said it was all looking absolutely fantastic. However, he asked for our patience as at present the launch of 888.biz will not be until mid October. He said they as a company could not start registration (that is take our $100 for registration) until everything was absolutely in place. So please be patient, in the meanwhile keep working towards that goal... He sd we are all pioneers, we are heading up the biggest, and st dynamic company ever to be seen. We are all most definitely in the right place ant the right time…

Charles Chisnall: he said the 888.biz website, which is replicating website which we all as reps have our own front page, will have everything we need to succeed in this business, to register players and reps, they are building everything for us as reps and for customers… this will be a great tool for us all.

He said not to worry at this time about finding players (customers) but to relax and concentrate on finding good reps … this is what we should be doing now.. this is where our energy needs to be concentrated.

He talked about players and customers:

Important: "You as a rep can of course be your own 2 first customers as a casino customer you will receive $50 cash bonus and the company will not only pay you this but also put into the pool of money to be paid out to reps and additional $120"

As a Poker Player you will get cash back of $30 and the company will put into the pool (matrix) to be paid and additional $80

How many MLM do you know that will pay you in advance??? Bearing in mind that they do not know that the new ANP (approved new players) will play more than a couple of times. This is their commitment to us. This is a first in NWM… this is nothing short of sensational

Charles went on to say until the 888.biz site is live we can gather information from the www.netocash.com and also we can go to www.theaces.biz this is a support website for our whole team called `The Aces`… this site will have all the conference dates, times and numbers, training and much much more… all for members

He also said that training and the conference calls can be in any language for any country… we just have to ask.

He ended by saying… the status of Triple8 which is finding 18 reps and 6 customers (2 can be yourself and 2 others who become APN approved new players for the casino and poker room) this should be everyone's prime aim.To end:

"October is the month we should all be focusing on, we have conference calls, and meetings next week, any always leaders willing to do 3 way calls, what is holding you back… have you any idea how much you could earn in November IF you work now? Well if you don't know… you need to be at one of the meetings next week…


Are You Ready to Rock ??

Of Course ! Let´s MOVE !!

Plz send me ur following details at rohanvd888@yahoo.com if you want to pre-register.


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