10 Golden Investment Rules



arhabib said:
These are very necessary information. Every person who earn online should follow such security systems. I will be careful about this so. My interest to invest on hype site has been increased by reading this post.
Yes, I agree on Point No. 9 the companies providing such exorbitant rate of returns on investment as to 100, 200% of Interest rates always carries a risk of getting your money lost or locked in such fraudulent companies. but is it not cool to have a rate of return being below 10% or so????


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Nice tips you gave there, I really like the rules 1 5,6 as once I had to suffer little loss when I gave my password to a person online and he betrayed me. So I would like to advice everyone to follow the password protection rule strictly.
The points are good and have some valid reasons to be talked. The information provided can help a newbie to know what the HYIP industry is and how should he invest here to make some profit. However HYIPs are too risky to invest some real money there.
If can’t invest wisely, better to keep intact than losing all. Point 1 and 9 are significant ones, and when combined together one saves you from losing too much and another saves from any fraudulence.
I think apart from these rules there is a commonsense that persists with each individual to certain extent with certain level of maturity that will help him lot to decide whether to invest or not. Unless a person develop himself to that level of maturity and insight rules can rarely help him to succeed in investment to make profit.
While making any investment it is important to know the background of the company regarding its registration code, Affiliation code, Govt. permission to work as a finance company, etc. It is also important to know that since how many years the company is operating in this business and the review trac record of the company to keep your money safe.
Actually following some golden rules will not only keep your funds safe, it will protect you from making any substantial loss too. So the rules this man has cited have some grate worth for both beginners as well as masters. If we will read all alert points more and more then we will become more careful on our investment.
password protection could be done only by making a separate email address and don't use it for other sites, this way you could loose your information.It happened to me in the past and my email Id was hacked because of the same practice i did.
tahnk you for you helpfull info, I think you full right. investment is not gamblin or game, so we need one best technique or strategy for become success in here.
we can make a nice return still if we are know the techniques. many hyip investors get scammed but it doesn't prevent them to keep invest. because they are know how the way to invest in hyip and generate profit. as far as investors spread the risk, I mean not put all capital in single hyip program. they won't losing all when hyip turn to scam.